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May 29, 2012



Have you tried shopping online - most stores usually have a better/less picked over selection than in stores & many of them will let you return to the store to exchange/return. Right now Old Navy has rash guards & board shorts up on their website, it might be a place to start looking.

Sarah m

I know what you mean for the young girls--I have a 3 year old daughter and thank goodness for good friends/family who have given us one-pieces in the past (that, ahem, don't have a princess on it, for goodness sake!) but I recently found a LOT of this rash gard/bikini bottoms at Target and Old Navy. I actually bought her one for next year simply because I knew it wouldn't be around on sale later. It was $15, completely covering, and the cutest one (color and style wise) they had. I find that the rash gard/bikini bottoms are also the best choice for a potty-trainer, too. :)
Sarah M

Marci Rapp, MarSea Modest Swimwear

We manufacture modest swim & gymwear for women and girls. While we cater to ages 6 and up, we have had moms buy our XS swimtop to put on their 3 year old and it looks like a cute swimdress, as it has a belt. As the fabric is UV50+ plus, it is smart to cover your little girls with one of our girls separates.

Amy Carson

I have an answer for you with us as well. It's all about helping women of all ages feel their very best and comfortable as they swim. Our site is helpful for finding the right suit for your needs.


"Showing ones bosom is poor taste. Showing ones lack of it is poor judgement." -Miss Manners on children wearing bikinis


I am not Jewish, but I often cover up to the collarbone as though I am one. My swim solution this year (the first time I've even needed one in years) was to buy a triathlete top from REI and a swim skirt (bikini bottoms with loose fabric over them) from Target. I can swim just fine in it, and I feel more covered than I would wearing a bikini, which is basically just underwear anyway.

Zed Power

Don't know if you usually post pictures with your blog but one way to encourage the greater availability of what you want is to make sure that people know what it looks like.

Just saying...

Sea Secret

We don't manufacture swimwear for young kids, but we do provide swimwear for juniors from age 10 and also maternity swimwear.
Good luck in your research anyway.

Sea Secret

Dr de Bergerac

athleta.com has very elegant swim dresses for grown ups. (The shore dresses are also made of swim fabric.) And coolibar.com has colorful swim shirts (UPF 50+) for toddlers and up.
All the best, Dr de Bergerac.

PS Feel free to check into my blog on dating: dateconomics.com. Scientifically motivated, but very compatible with modest morals.


Could you post a link to where you got your bathing suit? or at least tell me what store you got it from? I am having a lot of trouble finding a modest bathing suit for myself. All of the ones with high necks are low in the back, which defeats the purpose to me.

Melissa May


Here is a link to the type of suit I bought. Please keep in mind that I paid a fraction of the price when I foud it on sale at Macy's. Unfortunately, I dont think they have this style any longer. I bought mine in the autumn, too, when swimwear was clearanced. Good luck to you! I hope you fnd something you like!



Thank you! I was able to find a really cute cover-up, which helps for when I'm not in the water. :)

Maternity Bathing Suits

I got a lot of help from here to help my girlfriend to select her maternity bathing dress


I swim with tights that cover my legs to my ankles and a tight shirt, it is comfortable and practical


I don't think they can help you with the swim issue, but www.1611Skirts.com does have made-to-order culottes and skirts. Modest skirts are so hard to find these days!

Maternity Bathing Suits

I love to have all planning in advance for any type of shopping and this reduces my lot of harassment

Amy Carsen

The one good thing I've noticed is that the one piece suit is making a comeback. I've taken some swimsuits and added clothing to them to them to make them a little more modest. I just think all those skimpy bikini's are trashy and it tells me a lot about what a woman thinks about herself when I see her wearing one.

modest swimwear

Frustrations also might be due to the cheap quality.


The best, best, best place for modest little girl suits is Coolibar.com. I'm a Muslim woman who covers my arms, legs, and hair, and I bought my suit on there too. The site is for people with sun sensitivity, so they suits are pretty full-coverage. I LOVE them.



We love modest swimsuits from Aqua swimsuits.com


For my DD, I got her a long sleeve rash guard shirt, and for a swim skirt I shop at Dressing For His Glory.com They are amazing, and will tailor anything to fit anyone, from infant to size 5x adult! Not super cheap, but the customer service is incredible. It's a Xian company, but they love working with Orthodox Jews and Muslims too.

I've been using them for 10 years now, for both myself and my daughter. When my best friend goes to Florida for vacation, she always asks to borrow my swim skirt. (Below the knee, with leggings built in.) It's so pretty, you could wear it to run errands and no one would guess it was for swimming.


Swimming suits, I feel, by their very nature are incredibly immodest. I don't care if they are full body bathing suits or bikini and tops. Swim-wear is just incredibly immodest. Bikinis of course really play on sexual desires, but full body suits still cling and are not all that modest either. Too much clothing can also make swimming uncomfortable. I find the human body, in it's pure form, to be the most modest. WIth skinny-dipping, nothing is left to the imagination, all parts of the body become equal. Certain fabrics aren't there to draw eyes to certain parts. It's just all skin It's amazing how non-erotic skinny-dipping actually is, and, believe it or not, modest. The human body, the birthday suit, the most modest thing God gave us. It's like being innocent again. Frankly, I refuse to give money to the swim-wear companies, when all swim-wear does is make people look immodest. I stand by my convictions that the body, created in the image of God, is the most modest and beautiful thing, and the only thing that makes it immodest is depending on peoples' intent and actions.


Another great option for swim and sport is Kosher Casual's swim/sport skirt with leggings. http://www.koshercasual.com/Running-SkirtSports-Skirt-With-Leggings-1440_1440_p.html.

It is UV protective, chlorine resistant, fast-drying, modest, and CUTE!


I find it lewd and uncomfortable when I see young women wearing pornographic swim wear at a public pool with children.

It's that they wear bikinis/bras that push up and not cover.

I have seen modest women cover up quite well while swimming from different cultures, but I also understand that it is hard to swim when the cloth gets heavy and in the way.

Thanks for your recommendations for different kinds of options. I'm currently using a one piece with a skirt.

Nina Homeschooled

What I like to do is wear exercise outfits. You know, those tiny short jogging shorts made out of quick-dry material, and the tank tops with the built in bras? They cover more than a "real" bathing suit, are just as comfortable and in my opinion often more cute :) you can get really pretty colorful ones.
(funny thing is that swimming is the ONLY thing I wear jogging clothes for. They're too skimpy to actually jog in, you're afraid your rear is sagging out of your pants at every step. I'm a long-pants girl.)

Lee Ann

I realize this blog topic is now over a year old, but the dilemma does not go away. Your daughters will be getting older, and, as I have been trying to dress my daughter modestly at the beach and elsewhere for almost 14 years, I found the discussion interesting. So, for anyone who tags this question in future, I have always dressed my daughter via online shopping with Landsend.com. Their quality is indisputable, another girl will enjoy the suit long after yours is finished, and they have an extensive discounted section at all times because they make suits in such high volume ie. they sell bathing suits all year round. Many, many modest and appealing options for tiny tots, little girls, big girls and women. And their suits (whether one piece or two) are made to swim in. Vast variety of styles, colours and cuts. Lands End website is full of modest clothes for kids and women, too. At times I just gave up on local retail and simply ordered there online, for both my boy and girl. They also specialize in sun guards (short and long sleeve) which have saved our nordic hides!

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