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January 08, 2012


Sarah M

I think this is a very well articulated post and I agree wholeheartedly. Children, and teenagers, without any bounds will only end up falling that much harder when their time comes to learn their lesson. Their parents surely don't do them any favors.
Sarah M

Diana Beatty

Those pictures are soft porn, plain and simple. Why would anyone want a picture of themselves like that in public? That she and her family are so confused is very sad.

Cady Driver

The irresponsibility of parents in regards to the behavior of their children is unconcsionable. In 10 or 15 years, this child might greatly regret the decision to publish this photo. Then again, from the looks of her family, maybe not, but still! What if she does something with her life, runs for office, becomes a teacher....those photos will haunt her!

Plus, I can't understand why the year book staff said that they wouldn't publish it as a senior photo, but they could publish it elsewhere in the book. ?

Sometimes I feel like common sense no longer exists anywhere!


Cady, they said they would only publish it as an 'ad.'

An ad for what, is the question?


This so called protest in the name of "free speech" by Spies et al is all about exposure...of various kinds. It's nothing but a cheap grab for attention in an attempt to launch a modeling career. But again, isn't that what immodesty is really about - drawing attention?


I agree unquestionably with the frivolity of this case. If it is indeed a dress code issue, then the editors and administrators are being perfectly reasonable. My question for Syndey is if she feels her freedom of expression has been violated in this one instance, what about the last FOUR YEARS of attending this school and presumably abiding by the dress code? This should have come as no surprise to her. Also, she needs to realize that as a high school student, and perhaps still a minor, she has no "right" to freedom of expression anyway. By choosing to attend that school, she agreed to abide by it's standards, period.

As for her mother, I suppose she's struggling with the dilemma any mother would when being forced to choose between a principle and supporting her own daughter, and apparently she choose to support her daughter. This is unfortunate, however, I don't think any of us are in the position to criticize her parenting so harshly.

Let's hope the editors and administrators have decided to stick with their convictions. (This may have been resolved already, but I'm not keeping up with the news.)


I looked up this case as I was curious if they ended up pursuing legal action and stumbled upon this interesting update: http://durangoherald.com/article/20120814/NEWS01/708149989/Sydney-Spies-&-mother-arrested
It turns out that the subjects of your post, Sydney Spies and her mother, were consequently arrested several months later in an unrelated event when police were called to break up an underage drinking party that Sydney's mother hosted. Sydney's mother was accused of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, obstructing a police officer, and resisting arrest while Sydney was accused of obstructing a police officer. Kind of sheds a new light on the racy photo stunt, doesn't it?


This article saddens me. It sounds like she doesn't have a lot of self-respect for herself, as if she is just screaming for attention. The photo from what the article showed was indeed on the racy side, reeking of seduction, and I don't blame the yearbook for not wanting to publish it. It also sounds like both the mom and the daughter want attention by turning this into a legal matter. I could be wrong, and I hope I'm just guilty of misjudging, but it sounds like they both want attention.

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