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August 28, 2011


Isabel "Quaker Jane" Penraeth

Underthings are a challenging thing for any modest woman to talk about. I posted some info on foundation garments as a photo album on Facebook a while ago, after discovering that many women don't really understand how they aid in modesty and comfort . . .


I've made little slips for my daughter, for the few dresses she has that weren't sufficiently lined.

My mom taught me to ALWAYS check and see if I needed a slip. Stand with your back to a bright window, spread your legs, and look down between your knees. If you can see daylight, you need a slip! Nobody needs to know how chunky my thighs are. D-:


Penney's still has slips and I bought one for my daughter. I wear one myself with skirts or dressed that need it (some of mine are lined). Really, a slip is still considered to be part of a professional wardrobe, and you can still get them some places--even if most of those places are online.


Most of my skirts are sufficiently long/thick that I don't need a slip, but there are a few I need to wear one with. I was actually very surprised to find slips at Wall Mart a few months ago, they can in black and white with elastic-lacey waists. I quickly purchased a white one with my mother, and one of us wears it at least once a week. I have never seen them any store but Wall Mart, which I find equally surprising and sad. In my personal opinion, see-through skirts are just as immodest as too-short skirts, and often worse.


They are still stocked at most department stores.

As a child, I HATED slips. They were uncomfortable and confining. But I had to wear them. Once I stopped wearing dresses and skirts a teen, all the slips went bye-bye. Now that I'm older and wearing dresses and skirts because I want to, they aren't as bothersome. They also help keep my more clingy dresses from sticking to my lace tights/fishnets. But I don't wear them with all my skirts or dresses, just those that need it.

VPI can be avoided with the right underwear (and no, not just thongs.)

Melissa May

I would agree that for women ,yes, slips are fairly easy to find. But for little girls, not so much. I live in a large metro area (Chicago) and cannot find girls slipd in any store I've tried. I've ony had marginal luck online.
I've tried the underwear that is supposed to be Vpl proof, and always have found that they ride up! I just stick with my normal comfy ones and throw on a slip instead.

Jeanie Cullip

I wear slips and if a slip wont do the trick then SPANX will. .. you will not see my panty lining nor will you see through my clothing through sun light or florescent light!

I do have a hard time finding slips in department stores so I purchase them at Goodwill. (better priced there too)

a latte of blessings & giggles,

Anne @ Modern Mrs Darcy

I hadn't worn a slip for years (like, ten) until just this month. I recently read What I Wore (the book from the blog of the same name) and the author endeared herself to me by proclaiming her love for slips (the VPL being a huge reason, and also for improving the hang of garments).

I promptly dug mine out of the back of my closet and put them back in rotation. My knit summer dresses look soooo much better with slips!

Cora Lee B.

I wear a slip n I'm 17 and My mom does also they are hard to find but they are out there just saying ...


I am a big fan of the slip. My mother raised me right! She was always quick to tell me if she could see through my skirt, and if that be the case, I had to go and put on a slip. Now I wear them automatically. For the past six years, I've taught highschool students, and I do not want to give them a show. I do find that most women do not wear slips. I have heard many say they hate them and never wear them. I can't understand why. I don't even feel it when it is on me. Needless to say, I feel a slip is an important part of modesty, and now that I am married (a week and a half ago!), my husband appreciates every little bit of me that I keep just for him.

Laura--The Sushi Snob

I was raised wearing slips. I still have a bunch. You can't find them for little girls anymore? That makes me sad. But thank you for putting me on alert for when I do have little girls!

I actually liked slips as a little girl--they made me feel all grown up because I saw my mom wear them. When I started reading the Little House books, I called them "petticoats".

Mrs. D

I couldn't believe the prices of slips in regular department stores! So we buy them at our local thrift store. I generally put my skirt up to the window and if I can see through it, then so can everyone else! I like your site.

Mrs. D

Very Eglantine

I wear slips too! I'm 22 and only started to wear them recently, but they make me feel so much more comfortable in skirts and dresses, mainly because there is something to cover me if my dress blows up in the wind. I don't really think there is anything old-fashioned about them at all; they're just a little more sophisticated an under-garment, but certainly no less appealing. It's a solution to the self-consciousnes because it may be an extra layer of material, but ironically, it is more freeing for the personality.


I find it interesting that people only wear thier slips if they can see through thier dresses or skirts. I was raised that your slip was just as important as your underware! ( yes I know people also choose not to wear those either). I have also taught my girls that if they are wearing a skirt or dress, you wear the slip too. I don't think its old fashioned, I just think it runs in the modesty category.BTW I'm not that old, I'm 32.

C. Pagne

I found this super interesting!
It wasn't until about a year ago when I found a modesty survery on a website for a book called Do Hard Things that I started wearing slips. It was so funny actually...the survey asked about see-through skirts and all the guys obviously said that its a struggle when girls wear see through skirts. They didn't even know slips existed but thought they were a great idea! Since then, I purchased a slip and wear it almost every time I wear a skirt, even if I think it's not see through. I think it feels better (less clingy) anyway! And I'm 18! So I'm bringing it back in style ;) lol. Except not, because no one will know if I'm wearing it, hopefully!
If anyone's interested, I just started a blog that's generally about masculinity and femininity called Trees & Flowers. Follow me at cpagne.blogspot.com if you are interested!


I'm a 26-year-old urban dweller, and I've always worn slips, since I was a girl. I'm astounded that some of my female friends have *never* worn them. I can't stand the thought of a see-through skirt either--I feel embarrassed for other women when they are wearing something even a little fancy and seem oblivious to the fact that the space between their legs shows light through. Slips are getting harder to find in department stores, and you're in big trouble if you want to wear a long skirt, since long slips just don't seem to be made anymore--only short and very short ones.

Sharon Patton

Gee, slips were so hot, though. Lined skirts don't need them. But what I really want to know is what happened to wearing stockings? (Pantyhose)
I was taught that it was the very height (depth?) of sleaziness to wear heels with bare legs, except perhaps in the summer with sandals and only then in a very informal venue.


Target ladies!!! I get myself and my fulller figured 10 year old (in a XS) from their regular undergarment section. And they are around $10-$15.
My daughter was the one who insisted on getting one to wear under an unlined pencil skirt!!


I need more resources on modesty in the heat. I'm originally from FL and when it comes to layers you go as minimal as possible.
Modesty in the hot and humid is very difficult. In my hometown tanks/spaghetti straps/ and shorts are the standard, and not necessarily because people want to show skin, but because it is just SO hot. At 99 degrees and 100% humidity every inch of clothing feels like a burden. So living up north where I do now, a slip sounds great! I totally did not think of the VPL.
Up here, I happily dress very modestly, lots of layered styles, which I think are very cute. Necklines to the collarbone and 3/4 to full length sleeves and skirts to the ankle (and now thinking of adding a slip). BUT we're moving back down south and I'm thinking "What will I wear???" I can imagine wearing long light weight skirts, but will I have to surrender my under-layering shirts/shells or go bare-armed?

Linda C.

Jean skirts don't need a slip, in my experience, and are a good choice for hot weather (if they're not too heavyweight), as are the thin gauzy long cotton skirts with the cotton lining---no see-through and not an oven, either. Thanks for suggesting Penney's and Target, I used to get my slips at KMart and they still have them but not in my size.


i find them very attractive, my wife has satin ones from Farr west


I have so wanted to write an article like this for our women's group at church, but didn't want to offend anyone...I so agree! So many skirts aren't even lined these days; those that are are quite pricey...

I just started a shop on Esty, and slips are one of the things I plan on selling. I only have one example up right now, hopefully another next week. The shop is geared towards preschool-age girl clothing, but hey, even they need to be dressed modestly, right?


Lennor Dy

Here in the Philippines. I can still buy slips in the department stores :)


I wear slips all the time, and I make them too.
All my slips do not have any slits in them, and provide maximum coverage. You can purchase them in bulk from me. I make them in cotton and non-static nylon tricot. You can choose your length, but I sew according to Jewish laws of tzniut. Please, come take a look after Pesach.



If there is one thing that I hate to see, other than the girls unsupported in a very revealing dress, is the dreaded "VPL!!!" Haha, great article and i'm glad I'm not the only one who feels the same.

Mrs. D

In regards to Anonymous who used to live in Fl.:

I live in Florida, and I know what you mean! Jean skirts in the summer are a no-no for me unless they are a VERY light jean material.

Instead, I actually bought some sundresses that were lightweight and I bought (from thrift stores) some sleeveless tops (some would say 'wide strap tanks') and cut them off a little below the chest area so that I could throw them on under my sundress and I would not feel so bare from the sundress' tiny little spaghetti straps. I also found that buying the prairie-type ruffle skirts (also via thrift stores) that are made from POLYESTER are much more cool than cotton and they generally come with built-in polyester slips that are not tight, thus leaving room to breath. I wear them with a sleeveless top and stay pretty cool!


Slips are not just for modesty. They help the fabric of the dress or skirt drape and move properly.

Model Me Girl

Thank you for your post. Slips make for a smoother fit. I mainly wear them with thinner skirts & dresses for the modesty reason. Spanx (not including the shape slip) is a great option for non-slip wearers. However, if you step in the sunlight in a lightweight dress or skirt, you can see through the material, thus the contours of the legs.

Slips come in different weights and styles. We don't have to feel like we're wearing our grandmother's. :)

Many women don't understand the concept of foundation garments. If you want your clothes to fit properly, you have to build from the ground up.

I personally love skirts/dresses that have a nice underlining attached to them. If only we could have more of those...


I wear slips and pantyhose (flesh-toned). I am African American and 59 years of age. It's how I was raised, and I think it is so much more ladylike.

katie sublime

katie sublime writes about this too



I'm 20, and I've been wearing slips since I was a girl. It took some time to get used to them, but now I can't imagine wearing a skirt without one. Part of it is becuase the skirt will cling to my legs if a slip isn't underneath, part of it is to prevent dark-colored underwear from showing though. They also make you feel cooler in the summer, what with the silky material and all.
I got mine from my mom, so unfortunatly I can't recommend any stores that sell them. It's good to know that there are stores that do carry them, as I'm sure they will wear out eventually :)


I absolutely love this post!!!!!! I'm currently in need of a new slip, and went to Walmart to see if they had any. my mom happened to be purchasing some fabric for head coverings for the two of us and while she was having the fabrics we picked out cut, I went to check for skirt slips. They don't have any, so I went back to the fabric section and told my mother this. The lady who was cutting our fabrics asked me what I was talking about. I told her I was trying to find a skirt slip and that I hadn't found one there. She preceded to tell me that she had tried to find one for her grand daughter last Easter, and that they are practically non-existent now and no one wears them any more. This made me a little uncomfortable, as was thinking, " Wait, I wear one!" I do not agree with most women today, that want to "flaunt" everything they have and more! Keep posts like this coming!


When I was in the fourth grade (ca. 1957), I was part of a small but very serious 4th grade-girl-discussion on the difference between a lady and a woman. None of us really knew, but it was an important issue to grasp, we were sure. Finally, one little girl opined that the difference was that a lady always wears a slip and a woman doesn't. That settled the topic. We all knew she was right. Many decades later, I am proud to be a woman, but I always wear a slip with skirts and dresses, the prettier the better (and getting hard to find). I love knowing that I have something pretty and feminine and just for me under whatever the uniform of the day is.


I'm so glad I found this site! I'm a 17 year old deliberating on feminism modesty and other topics, and this fits my bill.

You know, those days when women would wear skirts, they wore layers of sock, petticoats, and bloomers. These days, there's almost nothing under skirts besides one skimpy little underwear.

I don't wear petticoats, instead I wear bloomers or tights under skirts. I would feel so empty and bare without them. "Shivers".

Tess Springer

I have recently worn a slip under my dress for work. I have sometimes noticed the lace slightly showing, I tried to adjust it but throughout the day it seems to show slightly I find this so embarrassing, Any suggestions? Please help!


I am close to my niece who is 28. We shop a lot but she is horrified at the idea of wearing a slip! She complains about clinging and panty lines and my answer is always, "another reason to wear a slip!" I don't get how something so practical that you can't see anyway, be and so uncool !

Debra K Dove

I don't know if anyone else has noticed but the last several full size slips I have ordered, the material is so thin you can see right through them, so what good are they? I wish they would make them not so see through, because the purpose of them is to protect from see through dresses.


I have to confess. I hate slips. Hate. Always have. My solution: I don't really wear skirts/dresses. I prefer slacks anyway. If I can see through it then I don't buy it.

Panty-hose- Oh, I'm ever so glad that's gone. It took me a while to adjust to the thought but I'm so on board. I think they were designed by the enemy!

Mrs. V

I realize this is an old post but I wanted to comment. I still wear slips and always had my daughter wear them when she was little. She's 16 now and she will still wear a slip if she feels like the material of her dress or skirt is too sheer. They are still around and there are still lots of us who think of them as quite ordinary things.


I recently went on a quest to find a good slip. I had one that was for knee length skirts, but I have been more and more into longer skirts for many reasons, and finding an ankle or calf-length slip has been the hardest thing I have ever had to do on the Internet apart from finding specialty foods from other countries to have shipped to the States! I finally had some luck on Amazon.com, though, and am having one shipped to my house as we speak. It has decent reviews, so hopefully it is good and not too thin. If necessary, I will buy several different kinds until I find one that works. Glad to have found this site!


I'm a man and to me nothing is sexier than beautiful slip on the love body of a lady!


Since I hate the bulk and feel of slips, I just always buy skirts that are lined or of heavier material. Sure, you have to spend a little more to buy a lined skirt, or a skirt in a heavier fabric, but usually it wears better anyway and is worth it. If I'm wearing jersey and worry about panty lines, I usually wear boyshort panties, which don't show as much or what my mother always called a "foundation" - i.e., spanx. My daughter always wears bike shorts under her skirts, so she can swing and run around on the playground without worrying about her underwear showing. I'm 30, and I've never worn a slip.

Rick             march 15 ,2014

Hi you can buy slips on ebay there are lots there .Im a guy and know women or girls that wear thin skirts should wear a slip .Because when you stand in the light where its behind you its like xray .You can see though the dress .Plus pantie lines they show good so can tell if you are wearing full cut ,low cut,or g string .So you see slips are good to wear . Another thing guys think slip showing is so sexy

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