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July 25, 2011



I thought this was titled tranny in fashion. I was prepared for a much different blog. This ones nice too though....

Cady Driver

You know.......I used to wear shorts all summer, but this summer I purchased several mid-calf length knit flowing skirts from Athleta and I have been living in these skirts....they are modest, yet trendy and super comfortable....They go with everything and to top it all off, when I am wearing a long skirt, I get treated like a lady by total strangers in public. AMAZING! :) (I'm not really surprised) lol


Hooray for skirts! And thank you for this posting. Skirts are wonderful - and you are right, people seem to treat you very well when you are wearing a skirt. I just feel more feminine in them.

Melissa May

Lisa, I really appreciate this post so much (like I do all of your posts!).

When shopping for clothing nowadays, I've learned to ask myself this question: "Does this item of clothing serve me, or will I be serving it?". That is, will I be able to live my life more easily and freely in this piece, or will I have to adjust my movements and flexibility for it to work? I've found it really helpful to determine the answer to these questions before I buy an item, and sometimes before I even try it on.

Just this last week I ended up returning a dress that I'd bought because I realized that I was going to be fighting the length (it was about an inch and a half shorten than I would've liked). Low and behold, the next day I found a brand new dress with tags, at Goodwill for less than half the price of the one I returned. It has a high neckline and comes down well below my knees. And it was so much more elegant and pretty than the one I returned!

I received a number of complements when I wore it to church, which all goes to show that modesty doesn't have to be ugly or expensive! My favorite item in my closet covers the most and cost the least!


I (after a very nice vacation visiting my sister) put on 10 lbs. My dress pants that I need for work no longer fit. So I've been spending the summer in dresses and skirts, as they are more forgiving (I find my jeans are more forgiving, so I wear them when I have the day off) which hasn't been that bad since it's so hot out.

Of course, working in retail, most people still treat me like crap whether I wear skirts, dresses or pants. ^-^ Context is everything.

I have noticed if I'm dressed particularly nice, I may get a compliment or two, but overall I do not notice much change in demeanor towards me.


I recently found out that I'm pregnant, and my jeans already don't fit. Plus, I live in the desert, which means jeans are a no-no anyway. So, I've been living in capris and skirts.


Having a "non-standard" athletic hourglass body shape (very small waist, with muscular buttocks/hips/thighs), finding clothing that fits and flatters is always more difficult; however, it is definitely possible.

In summer, I prefer capris, city-shorts, and sometimes skorts. No skirts for me - my legs chafe and wearing bike shorts or hose underneath is just too hot!

Great fabrics for summer are cotton-knit, linen, flax, bamboo, and natural-fiber blends with just a bit of spandex for retaining shape. They are light-weight, breathable, and cool.

Even having a long torso and long rise, I can always find tailored shorts, capris, etc. that come up high enough and do not expose my belly. It's really not that hard, it just takes some wits and a little extra time to know where and how to shop for one's figure and for the modesty factor.

Couple a pair of tailored shorts or capris with a longer, dressy t-shirt or top and one is perfectly modest, fashionable, and cool on a hot summer day, no matter how one twists and turns.

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Looks like our minds are on parallel tracks!) I love your post) It reminded me the movie "Jeans" - Tamil musical romance film!


You know, you don't have to shave your legs, even if you wear shorts.


Rosel, so I am learning! :)

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Skirts are wonderful - and you are right, people seem to treat you very well when you are wearing a skirt. I just feel more feminine in them.

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