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June 08, 2011


Betty Beguiles

Hi, Lisa!

Thanks so much for linking to my blog!

I guess it goes without saying that I do believe modesty can be fun. Fashion is fun, after all--at least I think so--and there's no reason the pursuit of modesty should detract from that. That was my motivation for starting my blog, actually. I wanted to show that modesty need not be synonymous with frumpy or dowdy. :)

Take care!

Cady Driver

I love the blog, Betty! Thanks for posting this, Lisa.

I definitely think that Modest girls have more fun....we're not wasting valuable brain energy on preventing wardrobe malfunctions....lol

Melissa May

I really liked this blog and the links to other blogs and sites in it. Thanks so much for sharing, Lisa!

Divina Joy Ayungo

Of course, modesty is fun. Moreover, it gives you more respect to your body and others will respect you as well.

Barbara C.

I tell my girls that one reason I have modesty rules for clothing is that I want them to be able to just play and have fun without having to worry if their friends are seeing their panties or their top is falling down.


Great blog.
I love the outfit ideas.
And yes Modest girls do indeed have more fun!

We are more intriguing and have more depth :-)

Lisa Skabrat

I'd like to share something I've written about the way women present themselves to society. It's called Seductive Purity. Would you permit me to post it here? You may preview it at www.lisaskabrat.com


I have had a problem with modesty and after doing research, and pray I'm feeling a little better. I just think if I dress modest, I wont feel beautiful, and people won't like me for the way I dress. What do you think I should do? Forget what people say and follow gods words, and respect his wishes? I'm 13 and very confused?
Thank you(:

Lisa Nash

Kay, thank you so much for your comment, and I commend you for being brave enough to write in.

I have a few different thoughts that might help you out in your struggle. First, it is very possible to be beautiful and modest at the same time. Modesty doesn't have to look strange or antiquated -- you don't have to go around in a prairie dress and bonnet -- it could just mean a one-piece bathing suit when you go to the beach with your friends, or it could mean choosing not to wear a t-shirt with a provocative flirtatious slogan on it, or choosing a skirt that hits your knees instead of your thighs so that when you sit down at the movies you aren't constantly tugging at it to keep it down low enough. Part of growing into a woman is testing things out and really listening to your instinct about the way they feel. Does a tank top feel too revealing? Wear a t-shirt instead. Do shorts sometimes feel strange? Wear jeans instead. You have within you the instinct to find out what modesty means to you and what "rules" you want to follow for yourself. It takes practice and time, and you can start whenever you want.

My next comment will sound very grown-uppy but all I can offer is my own experience. I can say definitely that what makes you popular at 13 is often the exact opposite of what will make you into a happy, healthy adult. Remember that other people's opinion of you can change back and forth every day. The important thing is whether you respect yourself, and whether you are doing what you feel is right, regardless of what other people thing. And you can decide how much of the fight you want to engage in. Maybe you think a bikini is fine, if you are hanging out with your girlfriends, but then when there are boys around you want to wear a one-piece with shorts. The idea is not to let other people dictate to you what you should do, especially when it goes against your own instincts about what is right.

I can also assure you without even seeing you that you are beautiful whether you are wearing a revealing dress that makes you popular with boys or a long skirt and long sleeve shirt. My opinion is that God gives women a beauty that shows even when they are covered, and covered to varying degrees.

You have a lot of courage and thoughtfulness, to be dealing with these questions now. You can always find a supportive community here and I can assure you (as someone happily married after not dating at all until after college) that when you listen to your own conscience and find what you are comfortable with, you will grow in beauty and understanding and you may find that you begin to treasure modesty because it forces others to see you for your personality and your heart rather than just evaluating your body, as society sometimes wants to do to women and girls.

Best wishes. Come back and visit us again!

Mrs. D

I liked what you said, Lisa. I have a 14 year old daughter and she wants to be modest, but the pull to 'look good' is confusing to her. I keep trying to tell her, and show her, that modesty does not have to be frumpy or super-plain. She is starting to get it now.


I just wanted to say. I came across this while searching my blog modestyisfun.blogspt.com I wanted to pitch in my opinion.I find modesty to be fun. I use to find it boring,outdated, and just so lame. I fell in love with modesty after really getting to see what God requires and how he view modesty. It took me awhile to find modesty fun. for me it's not just fun it more of a lifestyle. If you are living a lifestyle that doesn't make one happy that it's plain misery.I never felt this confident about myself and I have a husband who constantly compliment me.

Castlemore Home Values

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I try to dress modestly all the time. And whether I expect it or not, I get compliments from other people. You can lost stylish and modest at the same time. =)

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