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June 16, 2011


Brian Jones

They may have just been wondering why their friends clicked on the link, or perhaps they saw it on their, for example, parents's wall and wondered what exactly their parent was clicking on. We can't know for sure because it wasn't us who clicked on it.

But should we be speculating as to why someone would ever view such "stuff" in a blog post like this, or should we actually confront that person directly about their behaviour, which we think is harmful to them?

Robin Goodfellow

I suppose many of those who enjoy being judged will then appreciate that in Canada, Harper's new omnibus bill will allow authorities to go through all your e-mails and the like, without a warrant.

Mind you, it's to stop preds, but since they won't need a warrant, it means they can really invade your privacy whenever they want.

Also know that "liking" anything on Facebook is just supplying data-mining for them to sell to big companies to market things to you (this is how Facebook makes money. Similarly, they own/have rights to anything you post on it.

Anyway, back to the OT, you won't get decent behaviour out of people by shaming them into it (which is indecent in of itself). But then, I'm effectively a heathen, so using any sort of religious justification for good behaviour must be lost on me, eh?


Great post!

If we all thought that everything we did had a high probability of being public, then I'm sure we would be careful...but that doesn't get to the heart of the matter. Why do we desire the things we do? Until we can get to the root of that, and make changes in our hearts, no amount of public shame or ridicule would make a difference.

- Iyasostuff


Karen D'Anselmi

My eldest son is home from college, and a close friend of his visited us who is very soon leaving to join a monastic community (Benedictine) in Oklahoma. While we were discussing Anthony Weiner, I said something similar to what you said in your article, that while it was "too late for him to save his reputation" we could all learn from the situation. He thought it might be a blessing for Anthony Weiner that he could not save face but had rather been totally exposed (pardon yet another inuendo!!), because it just might lead to the salvation of his marriage and his ability to be a real father to his unborn son. As a public figure who seemed to care only about his public persona, perhaps the only thing that would cause him to change is a public humiliation such as he experienced, completely trapped in a web of his own making.

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