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April 29, 2011



I was also happy to see that she wasn't wearing a strapless bridal gown! I really don't understand why they have become so universal. I'm hoping Princess Kate's dress will start a new trend.

Melissa May

I agree, Elisheva! Princess Kate looked so beautiful in her dress and the long sleeves were graceful and elegant.
I'm hoping the fact that she wore something so stylish but modest will send a message to other young women, and brides. Less is not always more! Sometimes more is more, and Princess Kate proved that on her wedding day!


I have been saying for years that there is something to learn from both cartoon and real life princesses. They tend to be kind, sit and stand appropriately, and in general carry themselves in a manner befitting royalty. I showed my daughter pictures of Princess Diana is suits and some of the more tzanuah outfits and pointed out this was how a "rea" princess carries herself.


I rarely disagree with what others post on this blog, but I don't think that Kate's dress was modest, especially when you take into consideration royal tradition and the precedent set by previous princesses. The gown wasn't strapless, that's for sure, but the neckline was low-cut, and the sleeves were sheer and see-through.

Is it possible, perhaps, that even those of us who truly value modesty have begun to lower our expectations? If nothing else, this may be the sole effect of habituation, and of living in a society where immodesty has become the norm as opposed to the exception. Though Kate looked like a nun compared to most other celebrity brides who appear in our media, true modesty is, itself, timeless, and should not be relative. To the best of my knowledge, Kate's dress would not be considered entirely modest by orthodox Jews, Muslims, or Mormons.


Apparently it's a rule that royalty cannot wear anything sleeveless or strapless for their wedding. The trend actually seems to be long sleeves. And she looked gorgeous!


The "rule" is precisely why it bothers me when people describe Kate's dress as modest. Traditionally, women marrying into the British royal family have worn dresses with very high necklines, long hemlines, and long sleeves, even though these "standards" seem to be getting compromised with each successive wedding. Just look up pictures of Princess Sophie's wedding dress, and Princess Diana's wedding dress before her. Kate's dress was designed to meet some of these requirements on paper (i.e. long sleeves), but without actually satisfying the underlying rationale (i.e. the sleeves were transparent).

As I said before, her dress was very modest compared to the average Western bride, but given the restrictions that were informally imposed on her by tradition, Kate did her best to push the envelope as much as possible without outrightly breaking the rules.

Just to clarify, I only bring this up because I, too, often struggle to find good examples of modesty for my loved ones. It's hard for me not to pick the best of the worst when there are others like Britney Spears and Lady Gaga out there, but ultimately, I'd rather search long and hard and find a single positive role model than have to settle for a handful of better-than-average ones.


I'm not sure Kate was trying to push the envelope since her clothing in general is quite tasteful, but rather was inspired by another commoner-turned-royalty woman: Grace Kelly. Kate's wedding dress is quite similar to hers, sheer sleeves and all. And Grace Kelly became royalty long before Princess Diana or Princess Sophie did.


Ah, you got me!

In all fairness, however, the sleeves of Grace Kelly's dress were not nearly as "sheer", if that is the word to use, as Kate's, as can be seen by comparing the first two pictures on this webpage (http://www.weddinginspirasi.com/2011/05/09/kate-middletons-wedding-dress-inspired-by-grace-kelly-part-1/).

Also, while I agree that Kate does typically dress is a relatively "modest" fashion, there are far too many exceptions to truly consider her modest. I'd rather not search for the pictures, but two examples that I've read about in articles come to mind: 1) she first caught the Prince's eye after modeling a see-through skirt as a mini-dress at an informal fashion show, without bothering to wear any type of slip (read: her underwear was fully visible to the crowd) and 2) she has had a number of "upskirt" offenses, not unlike the infamous Britney Spears.

I'll say it again - relative to the rest of the world, Kate does a pretty good job of presenting herself as a relatively modest woman (at least in public), and I appreciate that the British royalty have at least made somewhat of an effort to respect tradition. However, I'd rather be honest and say that there are really no truly modest role models in the mainstream media today, than to "settle" and embrace the best option available to me. If we allow our standards to be defined relative to something else, it's not inconceivable to think that half-nude brides will be considered modest by our great-grandchildren. Kate Middleton aside, I think we can all agree that the level of modesty upheld by celebrities and other prominent figures has seen a linear, if not exponential, decline within our own lifetimes.


I don't really look to celebrities for modesty role models. But I do appreciate the ones who, at the very least, are classy in their dress rather than being trashy. And everyone has their own idea of what modesty is--I just don't try to force mine on others. Not that I'm implying anyone here is.


Well as my father used to say "Sit like a lady... and wear a slip"! Great advice.

This Good Life

I like the lesson you draw from this: that every ordinary woman (or man!) can be a princess (or prince!) through their conduct, rather than lineage. There are risks in pursuing the Princess Fantasy in full but taking elements that reflect the grace and poise of Kate's life can be a good thing. If anything, then that is a positive message to get from the pomp and circumstance of a Royal Wedding.

This Good Life


Hi, just stumbled on your site, and really like it! Just wanted to mention- that readign this post made ME sit up straight and stop slouching, and I'm 24 years old :). Influence isn't just limited to kids!

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