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March 04, 2011


Cady Driver

Good post...while it's nice for a man to admit his mistakes, it's too little, too late for his daughter. I wouldn't be surprised if she follows in the footsteps of Brittney Spears and yes, it's the parent's fault for allowing what they've allowed in their daughter's life.

I sincerely believe that parents needs to be accountable for how they raise their children. It is one of the most important jobs on the planet and too many people treat this job as if it's a hobby.

Sometimes, I just want to say...Wake up, people! If you push your daughter towards Hollywood, chances are, she's going to end up ruined.

Melissa May

Cady, I agree that for Miley it's too little, too late. However, I commend him for being open about the lessons he's learned and not making excuses. May it be a lesson for other parents.

I sincerely wish the entire Cyrus family all the best in their efforts to move forward and heal.

Headless Unicorn Guy

...it's too little, too late for his daughter. I wouldn't be surprised if she follows in the footsteps of Brittney Spears...

As was predicted in the final scene of this episode of South Park.

"The Corn Harvest will be even better next year..."

Willow @ Turning Winds

These are some of the prices you pay for fame. A lot of parents are guilty about being too lenient to their teens, but it makes it even harder for Mr. Cyrus to control his daughter since a lot of outside influences are involved in his teen's life. He should have not let showbiz affect his way of parenting his daughter because he definitely had more right to her since she's still a minor. This should serve as a lesson to all parents of young artists as well as normal families in general. Parents should make sure that their kids know their limits and the same time giving them assurance that their parents are there for them whenever they need them.


I've heard that Billy Ray WASNT HER MANAGER!! I would never have allowed my daughter to be in a situation like that (maybe the situation was bad with him and his wife and he was powerless to stop it) if Destiny Hope was to be in a movie, he should have been the MANAGER since he was already famous by then (Destiny Hope IS her real name)


ooohhhh I hope she doesn't go the way of Katy Perry!! she's vile and both of her parents are pastors!!

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