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February 07, 2011



Great blog, Rachel. Do you find that muting is a successful strategy though? I guess it depends on the personality of your child--I know it would make my son even more curious.


Superbowl = Most watched telecast in the USA.
World Cup = Most watched telecast in the WORLD.

Important distinction if America ≠ World

A Man

"If we cannot rely on companies to clean up their ads, what is left?"

Why is a company's job to clean up their ads? It's a company's job to sell it's products or services. It's the job of the FCC to set a baseline for what is allowed on broadcast television. If you don't like it, contact your senator or representative. Mostly, as you put it and I agree completely, it's the job of parents to control what their kids watch.

Rachel Moore

The World Cup is watched by more people, but is not considered a single telecast. There is not one particular game watched at one time by more individuals in the world than the Super Bowl.

Rachel Moore

Thank you, Wendy. I agree that it certainly depends on the child. My teenager certainly was spurred on by the muting. Especially since he had absorbed all of the pre-game hype about the ads. My younger children are long trained that "mute" = break time for the TV, and have become accustomed to doing other things. Given how frequently they show commercials during the Super Bowl it certainly makes the mute button less realistic than with other TV programming.


We turn off the TV during the Halftime show and switch the channel to EWTN during the commercials.


I couldn't see the lewd for all the sucking in the halftime show. They ripped off Daft Punk and couldn't make it cool.

rachel steinberg

agree 100%

Cady Driver

We stopped watching the SuperBowl years ago. It's just not worth it, in my opinion. Our kids are much more important than some game that won't be remembered a few years from now.


Yeah--in the 50s and 60s, the pollution was smog--the cars were putting out too much smoke, along with the parents second hand smoke--NOW the air is CLEAN but the POLLUTION IS THE MEDIA--with its songs of smut,,no more Motown type lovesongs and now too many shemales(hard Amazon type women that some guys like because they have no need for their protective mechanism) exposing breasts and butts, etc.

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