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February 10, 2011


Melissa May

I heard this quote too, and had the same thoughts as you Priya: Is this really a new and revolutionary idea for young people? If so, it's a terrible commentary on our society.

Lisa Nash

To me this is another example of Hollywood trying to reinvent age-old wisdom that it originally rejected. It calls to mind Madonna's journey into motherhood, when suddenly things like morality, ethics, Judaism, you name it, is all part of her personal journey of self-discovery, whereas a decade earlier she was outspoken in her rejection of cultural norms like these. To those of us who live "boring" lives on Earth these discoveries are nothing more than plain common sense.

Melissa May

You said it, Lisa.


I did see this film, at a free press screening fortunately, because I would have been remorseful had I paid for the ticket. I think he is right to say that that is the message of the film, but I find that the presentation of that message is totally backwards and conveys something completely contradictory. Gyllenhaal and Hathaway begin their relationship with a steamy, to the point of being totally unrealistic, hook up (something Hathaway does regularly with any and everyone) and continue in that manner until they start to fall for each other. Gyllenhaal eventually decides he wants something more, Hathaway is afraid of commitment because she has a terminal illness and so they struggle for a bit before deciding that their love is too strong not to give it a try.
So this film teaches young people that hooking up is the ticket to life-long love; and that the kind of love that is worth entering into a long-term commitment for begins with and is substantiated by hot sex. And we've reached a point in our society that people will actually accept this premise without question.

I was also disappointed with the rating of this film. It was 'R' rated, but far more explicit that what out to qualify for an 'R' rating. If I were a parent, I would not want my 17-year-old viewing that film.



Well, one of my friends is recently engaged to her I think three year boyfriend whom she met originally as a one night stand. They had fun so, they started dating. Just because it's not traditional doesn't mean it doesn't happen, or that it doesn't work. i don't think this is any worse for kids (it's R, it really should only be seen by young adults/adults, but enh.) then say Disney Princess movies where the moral is be pretty enough and your prince will find you.

The important thing isn't to keep kids from seeing Disney movies or young adults from seeing this movie, but more that they have a good strong sense of the difference between fantasy and reality.



I love the fact that you consistently present an original voice in this blog. Thank you for your honesty and forthrightness.

Unusual for me: I actually agree with you on some points.
1. The non-traditional can happen and can work.
2. I think Disney Princess movies are pure poison for a girl's understanding of romantic love.

I would add one other thing that I believe should be important to educate one's children. The best way to discover someone you can love is by first learning who they are as a person and then discovering them physically.
Although it can work in the reverse, odds are you will find someone of quality the first way.

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