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August 31, 2010


Peggy Letvin

The link to ReVamp did not show the suit pictured in your article. The not so modest 'vintage' suits that are pictures are very cute though.

Thanks for the article.


Cady Driver

I LOVE the skirts on HydroChic. I searched and searched for a longer swim skirt this year. Not only are they more modest, they are more flattering to the figure.

Thanks for this, Wendy! :)


Being on a workout and yoga routine it's so important for me to have comfortable activewear so I can exercise without being hindered or bothered by my clothes.


Love it!

Peggy, if you get to the end of the article you'll see Modiwear does not have a website yet. The suit pictured is available by email to the owner only, I forget the address but it's in the article. I think Wendy was mentioning Revamp as an alternative if you don't want a bigger suit.

It's great to know there are all these options.


I love my hydrochic bathing suit. So comfortable and *cute* (I always associated modest swimwear with stuffy old lady floral patterns). I took my kids to a waterpark and I was so so comfortable in more ways than one and I could chase my little rugrats around without tugging, pulling, and worrying about body parts falling out or material riding up or down.

Melissa May

Great post on the bathing suits! I'm glad to hear from someone who's tried them herself. I still haven't purchased a new suit since I'm hoping to lose a few more post-pregnancy pounds! Plus I haven't been swimming in ages. I'm curious if you had any comments from passersby when you wore the Modisuit out and about? Did anyone notice or pay attention? Just curious to the response, if any.


That's the interesting thing--no one paid me any special notice at all. I totally blended in. I think it's because it can pass as a sporty outfit or wetsuit, not necessarily a 'modest suit.'

Correction: HydroChic does feature an even longer swim skirt--I did not see it on their website originally, but here it is:


Talya / Tree McCurdy

After two years of research, I finally bought, and totally love, a "Princess Modest" swimsuit -- http://www.modestswimwear4u.com/

THE big deciding factor for me was the quick snaps that prevent the skirt from slithering upwards in the water.

I'd been "making do" until the day I twisted one way while swimming and the long skirt I was wearing twisted the other-- in an sudden second while my body was still bent, the hem of my skirt had flipped over my face and was tight across the back of my skull as I instinctively tried to straighten, and I was floundering with no way no way to get my face out of the water or track which direction was up.

I understand one may swim for a long time without an event like that happening, but OY! it only takes once.

Marci Rapp, MarSea Modest Swimwear

We are also new manufacturers of modest swimwear. MarSea Modest Swimwear (www.marseamodest.com) caters to all body types. Our styles are for women who want to cover - in style - for sun-protection, for religious or personal modesty, or age/weight/medical related imperfections.
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Melissa: Nope, no comment or attention on my swimwear. Just blended right in chatting with other moms about coffee table accidents and gluten-free/casein-free products etc.
Well, I did get some attention - from my four-year-old. She really liked my swimsuit and says she would also like something that covered her up more. She wants one of these: http://www.simply-modest.com/posecom/index.php but we couldn't afford it this summer (she is very petite and would probably need a custom order). Maybe next summer.

Headless Unicorn Guy

As a guy, I'd advise to go with the wetsuit style. For swimwear, skirts & bloomers just look ridiculous -- might as well use that Iranian "Islamic Bathing Suit" (i.e. waterproof burqa) that showed up on News of the Weird a few years ago. (Talk about "evoking thoughts of polygamy...")

When in the water, you want freedom of leg movement, and skirts just don't cut it. If you want full-coverage, a wetsuit-style one-piece would look sharp without revealing anything.


Wow, this is actually the first comment by Headless Unicorn Guy that doesn't terrify me. He actually sounds like a reasonable person! Ladies, I think we are having a good effect on him. :-)

(No offense meant, H.U.G.--hey, your name is HUG as an acronym, that's not so scary!)

Marci Rapp, MarSea Modest Swimwear

Sorry, I don't agree with Headless.... a body suit covers the skin but shows the shape of a women. Some women want to hide this. If the women's body is nice, that's fine (not modest tho), but what if the women does not have a nice shape (to her at any rate)? We dont wear pants, so a body suit would not be suitable.... I also don't agree with Headless that one cannot swim in a SwimSkirt or SwimDress. MarSea Modest Swimwear customers in fact do swim lengths in them, with no obstruction. And there are clips on the bottom to keep the hem down if necessary. And, not all women want to be marathon swimmers, they may just want to take their children to the beach, or do a few lengths, or to Aquafitness to try to keep in shape. Women should have the choice of how and what they want to cover - men should not be dictating that. At MarSea Modest Swimwear (www.marseamodest.com), our moto is "cover what you want....in style." Have a good weekend and good sabbath. Marci Rapp

Headless Unicorn Guy

(No offense meant, H.U.G.--hey, your name is HUG as an acronym, that's not so scary!)

I've got a fairly common name, so I have to use a unique handle to distinguish myself from all the others with the same name. I took my handle from this art piece I did for the AnthroCon art show back in '99; remember that the Unicorn used to be the Western Christian symbol of Purity and Virginity and I think you'll get the message.


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