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July 06, 2010



Hmmm, well not really. I don't think being of a certain gender makes people get along, at least not in a large community. I think in smaller communities it has an effect (I know when younger I'd seek out another female when in a large group of people if I didn't know anyone, and I still have a tendency to do that) . We're all different, and we'll always have disagreements, i hope that at least as a society we can learn to at least be civil to one another.

I don't think this is a gender thing really, it's a human thing.


I don't have any desire to be a man, but sometimes I am still trying to figure out what it means to be female. So it is hard for me to say what I like about it. I guess I would say that in an ideal situation as a female I appreciate men, a little chivalry from men, the strength of men, etc., and the ways in which our differences, to whatever extent they exist, can complement one another.


It seems to me that we, as women, will never get along as a whole until we can agree on what it means to be a woman. In days gone by it seems to have been more simple; being a woman meant being a wife, a mother, a homekeeper. Now, with the wide world of education, career and equality upon us, many women seem confused as to who they are really meant to be.
Now I have nothing against all these things. However it does seem to me that in today's culture we're so unrestrained by social and/or personal bounderies that we've lost ourselves, and this seems, to me, to be true for humanity as a whole, not just for women.

Melissa May

I don't know that women of any generation simply got along. Women have always been women, which is to say they've always had their own thoughts, opinions, grand ideas, jealousies, fantasies and the like.

I'm not sure of of the definition of "getting along" If it means compromising on deeply revered values (which it seems to, at least in some circles) then it's not really anything to strive for and it won't ever happen. However, there is certainly much room for improvement in the art of passionately disagreeing with civility and respect, so if that's what's meant by "getting along", then I'm all for it! That's certainly a goal worth working toward.

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