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June 15, 2010


Melissa May

I really like the second outfit! This is fantastic and I'm so glad you posted pictures to go along. It also looks like this show used some *real women* models which makes it far easier to get a feel for the look.
If you can direct me to the maker of the skirt in picture #2, I'd be so grateful!

Tara Lotstein

I love the second and last one! And the tops in numbers 5 and 7. It's the same top, right, just in different colours? Can't wait for the site!

Nurit Weizman

AMAZING!!!!!! I would also like to be directed!!!


please direct me

Melissa May

Any word on which designers are considering creating more modest lines? I'd love to lend them my encouragement, for what it's worth. These kind of fashion shows are great for pulling together pieces from across the board, but having specific lines to go straight to would be so much more convenient. I'm always torn between the fun of shopping for great clothes and the frustration of leaving store after store empty-handed because nothing meets my criteria or my tastes.


Hi Girls!
I'm so glad that you are interested in finding out more about these designers! I've been in touch with Natasha and I believe that they are currently in the process of creating a web site which will sell all of the designer's clothing. I have asked her to send me the complete list of designer's names and any websites that they have and I'll post those as soon as I hear from her.
In the meantime, you can add "Heart Soul-Style" as a friend on facebook. Natasha has all the photos posted from this year's fashion show and prior years. You can also message her for more information :).

Melissa May

Thanks Julie!


I can't stop looking at these beautiful ensembles! I want any and all information you have about them! They are all so elegant.


Here is the site I found. Looks interesting, but more apparently coming soon:


Natasha Budovitch (Tznius-ista)

Hi everyone,

This excites me so much!!! So our site is Tznius-ista.com but we are currently in the process of converting it into the online store and getting a re-design from our new marketing company !! Very excite and we'll be relaunching again at the end of the summer before Rosh Hoshana and we'll be having an event before high holidays as well so be sure to look for that. In the mean time join our facebook group and add us as a friend on face book " heart soul style" and we'll keep you posted!

The designer or the black and white print stuff is a girl named Jennifer harding and the hippy like clothing is by a company called Guru that we bring in.

Our store will have all designers/ and brands to purchase and we will be having our private label made soon as well.

We'll be tackling formal wear, casual , contemporary and SWIM!

so stay tuned!

also you can email us at tzniusista@gmail.com


Lisa Nash

Gorgeous clothes!

Chantal Marczinski

Wow! I especially love the skirts in photos 3 and 5. Absolutely gorgeous I much much prefer long skirts anyways. Let's put it this way, it's been a good 2 years since I've worn jeans with any regularity. I found two long skirts (to the ankles) at Eddie Bauer of all places (it's more well known for shorter skirts and shorts and jeans than for modest clothing) pretty recently and they have been a mainstay of my wardrobe ever since. Nice to see a fashion show with "real" women and not the stick figures that pass as models these days.


I love the third picture and the last one (and many of the others are beautiful as well). I adore the unashamed use of swaths of fabric around real, curvy women to create something stunningly beautiful. :)


Oh my gosh! I love these looks!! Specially the ones with the colorful skirts and the wrap shirts. Where could I purchase these clothes from?


...except the outfits are all hideous...


Which came first, Jewish "tzniusistas" or Muslim "hijabistas" ?


Tznius-istas came first because the Torah came before the Koran.


If you would like clothing that are kosher with a modest fit (no tight clothing), please visit http://modestanytime.com, offering affordable, custom-sewn, modest and refined clothing for women and girls according to Jewish modesty.



Where was this blog when I taught secular classes at the local Yeshiva? I'm not Jewish and I had no idea what I was doing and managed to look like a sack of lawn clippings with a dry erase board.


WOW!!! These are some of the ugliest outfits I have ever seen! Ugh!


I actually created my own tznius line that makes tznius yet fun and colorful clothing - this is exactly what I was looking for!!! My website is www.honestlymeclothing.com. I would LOVE to make it to the next show or even do one with designers where I live (NYC). Does anyone know how to make this happen in NY? Will Natasha Budovitch come here and do one with me??

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