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June 05, 2010


Melissa May

I'm so excited about this!

Sarah Kopp

I think women dress provacatively beceause that's what we get the most positive feedback for - both openly and subliminally. And in this age dominated by consumer culture and marketing, the packaging has come to be the most powerful communication media. So too often women end up spending more time, thought and energy on their packaging than on their character traits, to our own detriment and that of society as a whole.

Check out the long skirts on my site, www.biblicalgarden.com. They are more romantic than urban, and of course long skirts are always more figure flattering than short skirts and pants which reveal figure flaws.


One caveat with these long jersey dresses...I've seen many stylish girls wearing them on the streets of NYC but depending on the quality they can be really sheer!


I'm very interested in seeing these urban long skirts, if the skirt itself has any structuring or if its just the accessories that carry the edge. I love my prairie skirts, but I wouldn't mind something with more edge.

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