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June 02, 2010



I like the spirit of the article. While I do not wear the full veil, as a woman who wears a headscarf full time, I can say that one aspect of wearing it (coupled with modesty and restraint in behavior) that is refreshing, is the concealment of a portion of my beauty, my body, myself for me and only those who are closest to me. I find a sense of power and self-control in covering. It holds to an entirely different standard of beauty than what is commonly promoted. But I know that everyone does not feel this way, and I support a woman's right to choose NOT to cover, as much as I support a woman's right to choose to cover.


I also agree with the article. As a married Jewish woman I cover my hair with a hat and feel similarly to A.J., and support my Muslim sisters who also choose to cover their hair. My concern is with those who feel COMPELLED to cover, however....out of fear and not choice.



I am a Muslim woman who covers. Thank you for such a refreshing perspective!


Thanks so much for expressing my thoughts exactly. I have often tried to explain modesty thus to people as a form of personal privacy, and I have tried to explain the benefits of having a difference between one's public life and private life. It is indeed difficult for many to understand in the age when people post their private moments online for the world to see and think nothing of it.

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