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June 30, 2010



So? Perhaps she is comfortable with her body. I'm comfortable with my body, and I wouldn't be caught dead in half her outfits. From posts on here I've learned that many women are comfortable with their bodies, despite showing even less then I would. We're all individuals, and Miley has just as much right to dress as she does as the rest of us may dress as we please too (provided we meet public decency laws.)


I would agree with Shanna, except that people only use that phrase "comfortable with my body" to justify taking it all off. The implication is that those who don't take it all off are NOT comfortable. Nobody is questioning her "right" to do anything. The reason she recently kissed a girl onstage and her state of undress makes Madonna look modest-- that's all because Miley has the right to do that. But is the hypersexualization of under-age girls automatically beyond criticism because it's about 'comfort'? No. I have no doubt that it's more 'comfortable' to go with the flow and the herd; but that doesn't mean it's admirable.


I have been told I am very comfortable with my body (from roommates and my husband) and yet I prefer modesty. I have noted this in other confident women I know as well. I think there is a closer correlation between immodesty and women who are uncomfortable with their bodies needing to show them off to the world in order to overcompensate for their feelings of inadequacy.

Isn't that a "type" we see all the time in movies and tv? The incredibly beautiful yet scantily clad woman who obsesses about how (fill in the blank) she is?


Perhaps this is a case of taking back the phrase? Comfortable with ones body means, well, exactly that. I think the reason it's been used and ingrained so much in pop culture as a reason to wear less clothing is that for so long, showing an immodest amount of skin or curve was meet with gossip, public shaming, etc. Unfortunately instead of stopping in the middle, the pendulum swung too far to the other side, and now modest dressing is seen as being repressed, which for many is not the case.

As far as the hyper sexualization of children, oi. Thats one with no easy answer other then, society needs to change. I do wish Miley would have waited until 18 to pull some of her more racy stuff (that whole perez hilton, upskirt shot with no underwear thing, ugh. The internet brings out the worst in people, and people got so up in arms over the idea that the photographer shouldn't have had their lens pointed there in the first place, or worse, that she "deserved" it)

Margaret Banford

I haven't been able to log on to Typepad recently....yes, Wendy, that is exactly it.

To paraphrase another modestynik :-D I know, I love how wanting to be seen for my mind and personality first is so quickly translated into being 'uncomfortable' and 'ashamed' of my body.

I am comfortable with my body. I am so comfortable with it, that I don't need to show it off to anybody.

Melissa May

And how satisfying would it be to hear more women declare that they're comfortable with their minds, and then back it up by sharing challenging thoughts and ideas? These young women who are constantly being pushed to bare their bodies have brains in those pretty heads of theirs. We sell them short when we settle for short skirts and high heels as the Young Woman's Declaration of Independence.

Unfortunately the modesty-movement tends to be met with the perception that we're all about insisting that women need to cover up. Really, I think what most of us are truly after is acceptance for women to bare their minds, not their bodies. So much wasted energy in just being a pretty face or a hot bod. And there's something missing in the equation that says positive self-esteem equals a willingness to wear provocative clothing.

We're capable of better than this, and shouldn't apologize for expecting it.


I think that many women these days buy into "If you've got it, flaunt it!" They tow that party line. They think that if they show off what they've worked hard for it means they are comfortable with their bodies.

I personally have told several people that I cover up because my body is awesome and they don't have a right to see it. It throws them for a bit of a loop. My comment is generally following


woops . . . is generally following the comment, "You should show your hair (or whatever) its so beautiful (etc)." It has taken me a while but I now find it easy to brush their comments aside. They show themselves because they don't want people to see them as being self concious, and yet, I seem to be way happier with my body than 90% of women out there.

I don't think I'm more comfortable because I'm more covered but it can't hurt.

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