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May 07, 2010



Hi there! I had a question for you. I'm going to college this fall (Pensacola Christian College) and I need to buy a whole new wardrobe. I'm a missionary kid, so I'm coming into the country with NOTHING. I'm not worried about buying paper, sheets, and pillows... (can't really go wrong!) But I'm slightly wary about the clothes. I need to buy nice pieces that don't cost too much (missionary budget!), and that I can pair with different things. But I'm having a TERRIBLE time finding anything that works! Any advice? PLEASE?!?!?!

Melissa May

His Princess,

Here are a few suggestions. Of course I don't know what your particular style is, but I've had success at the following stores:

Shade www.shadeclothing.com - always check out the sale section!

FunkyFrum www.funkyfrum.com - pretty things at decent prices

Check out the sale sections at major retailers online. Gap and Old Navy have good selections of basic long and short sleeve t-shirts. They also have pretty good sales if you check in regularly.

When you get to school, ask around where the girls who are ahead of you shop. Thrift stores are also great. I've gotten some of my best stuff at one of our local Goodwill stores, even things with the tags still on.

I also suggest checking out some other modest bloggers who share thier own secrets about how to make modesty, money and fashion work for them. There are some listed in the comment section of the post called "Modest Tips For Spring".

Good luck to you in everything!

Melissa May


I too am sooooo disgusted by the constant use of "sexy" to describe everything under the sun these days. What if I don't want "sexy" hair or skin or feet or teeth???? What if I just want normal, pretty, lovely looking features? Am I out of luck?

I really can't believe someone would use "sexy" to describe a child, but I guess I shouldn't be too shocked. The constant abuse and misuse of a word makes us immune to it's real meaning after a while. So I guess "sexy" is the new "cool". Too bad. It has so much more power when it's kept to it's proper context.


Yes! I cannot stand this either.

When people say babies are sexy I have a policy of saying "Excuse me, WHAT did you say?" Which sometimes helps them to think about what they're saying.

Brian Jones

Here's a strange trend I've been noticing lately, which may be somewhat related to what you're writing about. I've noticed a lot of people in the computer science industry have started to refer to programming languages, and different programming elements as "sexy." My suspicion is that Apple through their maketing campaigns helped to fuel this trend.

It's the sexualization of technology is most likely not as bad as the sexualization of really young girls, but I think the problem becomes that we are sexualizing objects, products, and material things. So sexuality becomes less about identity and who we are, and more about objectifying.

Just some two cents.



I sooo agree with everything you say.


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