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May 19, 2010



Don't compromise your art. Art (at least in someway, it varies from artist to artist) shows your soul. You obviously have a light and beautiful one. Fine art has a tendency to push itself towards trends, I'm sorry your mentor seems to be doing the same. I do think it's important to push oneself as an artist, but it needn't be with subject matter that makes you uncomfortable.

I do have to ask though, do you only feel embarrassed by nudes drawn by male artists, or nudes in general?

(BTW you have great technique, and I find your art beautiful)


Not sure what the author means by Pollyanna here.

I looked up Pollyanna and got:
"A person who is persistently cheerful and optimistic, even when given cause not to be so."

Which doesn't quite have the connotations that author seems to ascribe to Pollyanna in her piece.

What did author mean by Pollyanna here?


You can either bend your morals to fit those of your culture or you can take the high ground. It's your choice. And the level of morality around us today is so remarkably low that one need only step up an inch or two to stand out. That this artist would make her stand on ground far higher than an inch or two above speaks volumes about how one can choose to live. Sure some folks may not like it, but in the end it is the opinion of that Higher Authority that one might want to consider rather than the views of the guy next door.

Shelly Coddington

Wonderfully written piece with a refreshing perspective. To view the beauty of God's creation with pure eyes, and transport what you see to canvas in a beautiful way is indeed a rare gift. I guess Thomas Kincaid could also be accused of being a Pollyanna.


This is a beautiful and inspiring post. Thank you for it!!


I love seeing NC artist. I am an aspiring artist myself and your art has inspired me I cannot imagine you doing nude or dark stuff with all those beautiful flowers.

Nurit Weizman

I love your post! You're so right about the "innocence" trap. If we don't torture our lives with self-inflicted drama and sadness, we are somehow more naive. Furthermore, I love your paintings!!!


I love your post. I am an artist, too. Doing murals & faux finishes. I spent a year at SCAD in Savannah, GA, circa 1990, but ended up with a degree in Exercise Science, not art. After I became a stay at home mom ten years later, I rediscovered my art & have just come alive with children's mural work. I never felt comfortable in art school & just don't even know how I would fit in the "art world." I'm with you...just BE you, it is so much better & easier than trying to be what others want you to be.

Robin Goodfellow

I say being an artist is being able to capture a thought or emotion, and being able to transfer it to a medium for an audience.

It shouldn't matter what the subject is in order for the artist to have skill-though please don't take that as me meaning that "art" is a justification for depicting exceedingly violent things (as others could/would).

I think it would have been funny to have asked your teacher why he didn't do more nude males in explicit poses... it often seems "art" is an excuse for guys to get women to take their clothes off lol

Kelly Izdihar


Beautiful work! Please keep it up. I'm an artist, too, and like the others, I've had to deal with issues of peer pressure, submitting to shock value and the myth of the tortured artist. We all have to find out niche and thankfully, I've found mine. www.kellyizdihar.com.

I've been showing work in some galleries for only a few years and it is weird out there in the art world but never deny your creative voice. :-) I've found tons of spiritual fulfillment in sticking to my religious and artistis principles.

Give glad tidings to all of us modest folks out there. :-)

Headless Unicorn Guy

You DO know that the original Pollyanna was NOT a Pollyanna in the sense it's used today, do you?

As I understand it, Pollyanna was originally a Victorian-era novel whose theme (through the eponymous little-girl main character) was about maintaining hope and optimism no matter what the circumstances. Looks like Pollyanna's theme and attitude got exaggerated to the point of absurdity as time went on.

Ranee @ Arabian Knits

A friend of ours is a married Christian man. He does not think it appropriate for him to be watching a naked woman to do that particular part of his art training. Although he does not deny that being able to paint the human figure is a great skill and that there is nothing inherently wrong with the human body, he knows that he is a man, a religious man and a married man and it was more important for him to maintain his integrity there than to progress in his art program. He refuses to do the nude classes.


Thank you for this wonderful post. In looking at your art, I feel like it has far more meaning and substance than the "edgy" art I've seen. Your art is beautiful and touches the heart. Your art is peaceful and uplifting - qualities not often found today anywhere. Don't compromise! Thank you.


i had this same issue throughout college and grad school and beyond, in creative writing classes. i was never told so explicitly (no pun intended) as you were, but felt quite forcefully that if my fiction were to be more "real" and more "sellable" it would have to have, literally, sex scenes, or at least reference to sex. all the bestsellers - i'm talking even the literary, non-fluff ones - have them. it's not that they're not great books, even books that make you think... but WHY is it so important for us to see that particular part of a character's experience?
anyone know what i mean?


Your art is absolutely beautiful, don't let anyone tell you differently! If I had enough money there are a couple of pieces on your website I'd buy. You have an amazing talent and God's light shines through you. Thank you for blessing the world with that talent and light.

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