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May 10, 2010


Thomas Babcock DO

I have not followed Raquel's career in detail, but my recollection is of a sex symbol who pointedly avoided the nudity so common among her contemporaries. Nor do I recall any significant scandals in her life, though she seemed plagued by unhappy marriages. The image I have is of a sex symbol who may never have bought into the Hollywood culture but whose beauty placed her at risk for exploitation by others. When one considers the traps for beautiful women negotiating the course of fame, how did Raquel avoid the snares that have caught Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears today, and so many of her peers over the past decades?


Whoo HOO!

women's studies student

I almost wish sometimes that I was still in women studies classes so that I could show them articles like this. I mean, isn't it sad?? That the political agenda which leveraged women studies is what propagated the destructive "sexual liberation" movement??

Sarah M

excellent, thanks for posting!
Sarah M


I'd be more supportive of her if she didn't put the onus of everything wholesome about life on girls. Men are not ravaging beasts needed to be kept on chains. They are human beings perfectly capable of rational thought and are no more at the mercy of their hormones then women. The sooner society stops fueling the sexual double standard between men and women the sooner "hook-ups" will decline.

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