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May 31, 2010



That *is* comforting. Thank you.

Thomas Babcock DO

Beautiful post, Melissa. We can be our own worst critics because we know best our own character imperfections. You make the point perfectly that wallowing in despair is giving up on our efforts to improve and accepting our serious flaws as unchangeable.

The corollary of this can be seen when someone puts another on that pedastal that you could stand on were you perfect. Then their perfect person makes a mistake, and the adulation turns to disgust. And this can be with otherwise very minor faults. I guess I have seen it often in academia, where the student loses respect for a professor after seeing some mistake or feeling some slight, but what about marriage and our view of our spouse? Have you ever heard comments like, "I don't know why he/she stays with her/him"? Well, we can all be gems for each other if we recognize that we are all imperfect, yet do not let that imperfection keep us from trying harder in our own lives; if we can give that same mercy we hope is give to us in our reaction to the flaws of others.


Reminds me of the saying, "Angels don't leave footprints."


Nurit Weizman

This post struck a chord. Thank you for it, Melissa. Such a high level of modesty in being able to share and accept moments of imperfection.

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