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April 18, 2010


Melissa May

First of all, I want to read both these books. They are immediately going on my List.

I too have wondered which world I'd prefer, the idealized (or sometimes not so idyllic) world of the books I read and am drawn to, or the world I'm in now. I guess in a sense it's a moot point since there really isn't a choice, but I still long for certain qualities of society that seem to be passing into oblivion, qualities that only exist in books anymore.

To go back entirely wouldn't be preferable since it would mean giving up so many hard-earned privileges and rights enjoyed by women in this era. But unfortunately it seems like no matter what we gain, we end up trading or sacrificing or in some other way losing other types of status that might still serve us well if we possessed them. Ah, the grass is always greener.....

I've found myself trying to cling to the traditions of the past that seem most precious and incorporate them into my 21st century life. Matters of respect, ethics, manners and even modest dress are timeless. Those things that are good, no matter in what time period they peaked, are worth keeping and practicing. And the things that are not are worth leaving behind.


This is a great post. It really made me think. Thanks. -Koni

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