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April 28, 2010


Melissa May

Wow. Talk about leaving nothing to the imagination. Is there even a point to wearing clothes if the goal is to make it seem like they're going to fall off at any moment?
Honestly, my first thought was how on Earth a woman is supposed to feel confident and comfortable on a date when she's got to deal with tape and unbuttoned blouses and micro-minis and panty-flashes?
How absurd.


......not to mention that the SLIGHTEST hint of sweat makes the tape useless. I used some to keep my scarf covering my chest during my wedding party...thank God for back-up safety pins!

But after reading this post, I doubt that the target audience of Vogue would really care all that much is there was 'malfunction'. It seems to me that if you are at the point of taping your clothes strategically, you wouldn't mind anyway.


can you find the article online and post a link? I'd like to read and evaluate it myself.

Margaret Banford

Pink_Hijabi - really? I didn't know that about the tape....

Rocky, I would prefer not to link to Vogue on this page. I'm sure if you spent the time on google, you could find it yourself....

Headless Unicorn Guy

This sounds like a very crude version of Theiss Titillation Theory.

William Theiss was the costume designer for original Star Trek back in the 1960s. Since Network Standards & Practices was more restrictive back then, Thiess had to come up with "sexy futuristic" costume designs without really showing anything. His approach was to simulate the danger of what's now called a "wardrobe malfunction", using slits and openings in unusual but still OK-for-TV areas to pique viewers' curiosity about whether the costume might slip and show them something past the censors.

This sounds like a "rude and crude" version of that.


Actually, I have Googled and searched Vogue for this and can't find it. Is "The Power of Suggestion" the actual name of the article? What month was the edition? Thanks, as I'd like to read the article, also.

Victoria H

I doubt anyone will be stooping very low if their blouse is only held on by tape... :)

For what it is worth I like your "suggestion" suggestions.

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