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April 10, 2010



Get into vintage dress? There are lots of people who enjoy mixing the styles of the 30's, 40's, and 50's into their everyday fashion. It really helps if you can sew (or are willing to learn), but even if you can't there's lots of fun stuff to wear.

Check out Casey and Gertie!

Emily M.

I experience a lot of what you're referring to, especially when it comes to modest tops. A solution I've found is buying DiviineModestee camisoles to wear under my summer weather clothing.

Sarah M

I love "Shabby Apple". Here is a LWD from them: http://www.shabbyapple.com/p-103-daisy.aspx

I find everything there to be extremely modern & beautiful, flattering, and fair on price. Not to mention...modest!
Sarah M

Melissa May


Thanks so much for sharing your sources for modest clothing. Shabby Apple definitely has some of the cutest, modest dresses I've seen in a long time!

I'm going to be doing some more write-ups on modest fashion over the next few weeks so please keep the suggestions coming. I'll be happy to consider featuring them in the future.

Thanks again for the feedback. Much appreciated!

Chaya leah Apter

Ye thanks everyone! some of those sites have beautiful modest clothing. I agree with you, I love fashion and clothes etc... but I have a huge problem finding things that meet my fashion standards. I want clothes that are nice and fashionable, but a little more modest. In my opinion it is getting harder to find somewhat modest clothing in any of the regular shopping malls I go into. Don't get me wrong there are a few pieces that are do-able, but there never amazing and I always have to be thinking ahead like -(what am I going to have to add to this, or wear under this). It would be nice to just walk into a store and be able to just wear the top or bottom or dress that I bought without all the worrying and adding pieces.

Headless Unicorn Guy

I'm afraid most of the dresses would require a matching pair of pants to make them even remotely do-able for me. And that sort of defeats the purpose of wearing a dress, no?

Depends on the dress. There's this Vietnamese form-fitting side-slit dress called a bao dai that's worn over pants and looks pretty good.

Or you could wear an LWD with opaque hosiery (i.e. form-fitting hose) in either matching or contrasting color. In both these cases, your legs are covered but not-covered.

Headless Unicorn Guy

Get into vintage dress? There are lots of people who enjoy mixing the styles of the 30's, 40's, and 50's into their everyday fashion.

And after a steady parade of thongs, prostitots, raver phat pants, tats & piercings an elegant Vintage 50s (or even First 1960s) outfit would stand out.

Just don't go the denim jumper-and-headscarf route (aka the American Burqa). Anything with a bib overall top is guaranteed to reduce your apparent IQ by at least 50 points.

à la Modest

I think that there is hope. I've been a fashionista for as long as I can remember, but I did not start out modestly. I only came to discover the importance of this through a hard learned lesson, and ever since, I have been a modestly dressed fashionista. I do not think my standards for style have been diminished by my new found virtue. If anything, it has increased my creativity.

High fashion and modesty go together quite beautifully.


Ala what happened? I would like to hear about your lesson if you have time.


check out my blog- modmodesty.blogspot.com!

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