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April 30, 2010


JoAnn Phillips

Hello, I am Melissa's mother and what she said about buying her obnoxious patterns when she was little is true. Her grandmother would say 'I don't know what to buy her' and would tell her 'buy her something you think is ugly and she will love it' and this was pretty much the case. I love to read the blogs on Modesty Yours; a lot of great comments.


I love Shade tops. I wear their tanks under my shirts so I can bend freely. The tanks are long enough to cover so when I stretch up or bend down my stomach or my undies stay pretty hidden. Also the tanks fit snuggly enough that I feel pretty secure bouncing around.
It is not so much a matter of looks as it is freedom of movement.


There's a great number of modest fashion bloggers out there looking gorgeous every day while still dressing wholly for themselves and their values. A spotlight on some of them might be a great idea. Let me recommend:
alltumbledown: http://alltumbledown.blogspot.com/
clothed much: http://clothedmuch.blogspot.com/
all this knav'ry: http://allthisknavery.wordpress.com/
Pretty/Modest: http://prettymodest.blogspot.com/
Modernly Modest: http://www.koshercasual.com/ModernlyModest/

There are also a lot of blog that, while the authors haven't specifically identified themselves as having a mission of modest dressing, are still great examples of a modest look:

Oranges and Apples: http://orangesapples.blogspot.com/
What Would a Nerd Wear: http://whatwouldanerdwear.blogspot.com/
Already Pretty: http://www.alreadypretty.com/
and ours, Interrobangs Anonymous: http://interrobangsanon.wordpress.com/

Melissa May

Katie, Thanks for sharing those blogs! I'll have to give them a look-see. I'll mention a blog that I really like myself, www.clothedmuch.blogspot.com. Elaine features great styles, pics and lots of fun giveaways. Clothed Much is also on Facebook.

Thanks again everyone for your input (including you, Mom!). I'm excited to check out all your ideas.



Modest Dressing is the focus of my blog... I love layering in the winter/spring/summer, but I would LOVE some nicely fitting tanks for the summer- fitted, but not tight, with a nice cleavage covering neckline that is not TOO high... One of my favorite things for spring is the half-cap sleeve, mind is not from Shade, but I know Shade has one this Spring... it is a GREAT tool for modesty while AND cuteness, while cutting down on the bulky layers for summer and keeping cool...


I guess I've decided to sacrifice style for modesty. A friend and mentor, a pastor/priest's wife and fellow attorney, said a month ago, "You know your skirt's too long, right? On someone your height, it should fall just above the knee. Don't you watch _What Not to Wear_?" I thought about her comment, meant to be helpful and friendly, for a couple of weeks. First because of school rules, then out of habit, I've rarely worn skirts above the knee. (Of course, wearing pants underneath a skirt is not an option for my workday.) Should I change my habit in favor of style and maybe professionalism? I decided not. I was comfortable with my schools' rules, even though I'm all grown up now.

I've found that having a personal "dress code" like my schools had school-wide dress codes makes shopping easier. If I can tell the neck is too low or the skirt too high just by looking at, there's no reason to even try it on. When I was in school, I knew how long a skirt had to be to cover my knee and carried a tape measure so I didn't even have to take a skirt off the hanger to see if it would work.

I've decided to concentrate on fastidiousness, which is a virtue related to modesty, but not the same as modesty. Fastidiousness is where cleanliness and neatness meet politeness and good manners. It's a quieter version of "classy." I think "Cleanliness is next to godliness" has been overplayed, but insofar as clean, neat dress, homes, and offices put others at greater ease, fastidiousness is something of a virtue too. So, like all professionals should, I'm trying to make sure my clothes fit properly and are appropriate to the occasion.

Then again, I never was much of a fashionista.


This sort of a cross-post. Over on "Don't Blame Fashion" we're discussing how retailers only sell what they think people will buy. If people refuse to buy immodest clothes, stores will cease to offer it. I wonder if doing things like wearing what was designed to be a dress as a shirt are only short-term, individualized solutions to the where-to-find-modest-clothes problem. If enough people refused to buy too-short dresses, maybe hemlines would go down. Conversely, promoting and supporting companies and designers that sell modest clothes sends a message as to what shoppers really want.

Melissa May


You make a good point. In general, yes, I think it's a very good idea to support companies that make modest clothing. One of my favorite retailers is Shade, as I've mentioned before.

However, there are limitations to only shopping the few, modest companies that are out there. Most are only online or in limited locations and have limited offerings. So these tricks and tips are offered as suggestions to help supplement the modest gal's wardrobe. It's also fun to see what creative ideas others come up with to make their wardrobe more fun and functional.

In the long run, though, you are absolutely right. Retailers listen when we speak up with our wallets. It may be slow going, but it's worth the fight for our dignity!


Hi Ladies,

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Rachel Dahl @ a la Modest

Hey, that's me! :) Thanks for quoting what I said. My modest fashion blog can be found here:


My content has a good mix of modesty values, philosophies, styles, and trends.

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