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March 23, 2010


women's studies student

Oy vey...a family bed? Yea, not for everyone...Good for you for standing up for yourself! I think the message here is wonderful--I completely agree that women should have a space where their intuition can be embraced, not rejected. And I remember reading that article a while ago! How cool is that? She is a miracle worker. And as for that guy...someone should remind him that "Mother Nature" also created many different and unique women so that we can help and guide one another! That's why we're all here! To help each other tap into our awesome abilities and powers!


Regarding what that man said, it's commonly known that while breastfeeding is natural, it's not something that necessarily "comes naturally" -- what an ignorant comment on his part!

Melissa May

The attitude of the man (who surely must be an expert on breastfeeding himself, no?) is infuriating, isn't it! My first foray into bf'ing was a disaster, despite the help of nurses and lactation consultants. The grief I went through was completely unnecessary in hindsight. Once I switched to the bottle, my household became much more happy and peaceful and my son is healthy and thriving. It was one of the best decisions I made in his early weeks of life.

While there certain things in life that are plainly right or wrong, most of life falls into the gray..the areas that individuals must decide for themselves. The best thing we can offer to each other in those areas is mutual respect and understanding and a willingness to learn. That doesn't mean we have to come to the same decision or agree, but supporting the ability and responsibility of others to think for themselves is always right.

Judy Jennings

Oh, dear! The poor fellow who made the comment about breastfeeding "coming naturally" is probably the type of man who believes he is a skillful lover simply because he was born with the "right equipment".

Melissa May

Judy Jennings, you just made my day!

Erin P

My mother sent me that same article! (I'm expecting our first child in a month.)

Women supporting women and being able to reach out and admit you're not "superwoman" is so important....it teaches us to trust other people, learn from them and that healthy kind of dependence also comes in one's relationship to God. We "see in part and know in part..."

How freeing!

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