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August 17, 2009



Amen to that! I sometimes feel exactly the same way! Thankfully, my family and friends are not "fashionable" so I do not feel like the only modest person in the whole world. I love long skirts and hate cleavage showing shirts, so thanks for encouraging me that there are other such girls.

Awesome post, keep it up!


Julie Maria

You are right! Some one must tell them.. but I think will be "you and me" to do this in obediciente of our beloved Pope (check the link please). We need to make them know that you want to be feminine but not sexy...

Please take a look;


God bless!

Julie Maria

Mary Margaret

Keep your head up high and don't let them get you down. When people stare, and are curious, I personally think it's a good thing! It's serving as an excellent witness to those around you.


I think the fashion industry is not getting the message because people are still buying their magazines. How many magazines they sell is how they tell if they're giving the public what they want. Take your dollars elsewhere.


You are so right! I get sick of hearing the term sexy used to describe "now" fashions. I like to watch What Not to Wear all except for the part where everything they change has got to be sexy. We don't hear the word slut much anymore, it has morphed into sexy when in reality the word slut is a more accurate description. Hang on to your values & don't give in to the got it flaunt it mentality. Any guy will tell you that they are looking for a girl who doesn't show it all for long term relationships.

Alexandre C. P.

Hi there... Peace...
I am Alexandre from Brasil.
I agree with you in this text.
"It’s time someone told the fashion industry that not all of us care to "flash our flesh," and to stop leaving us out."
Give me their number... I'll call them...

Fight the good fight...
See ya.



Chana Rifka

Great article!I dress with modified modesty-arms covered,high neckline,skirts at least below knee;I do not wear hose since it is about100' where I live. but I wear light sweaters.Others wear-tank tops,shorts or shlubby pants and flip flops. I look much nicer than they do;I care about my appearance-modesty can be tasteful, refined and pleasing. I am a graduate of Fashion School on NYC.....do not be a Victim! Be Beautiful!

Mathew Edvik

I think it is fantastic that there are girls out there who want to be modest and that don't think that they need to dress immodestly in order to get attention from boys. I think that as some people in society keep getting worse and worse, there is a group that is getting better and better. You are evidence of that.

Robin Goodfellow

A dress/skirt/etc can be modest, yet still "sexy" in my mind. That is to say I can still be (and often am) sexually attracted to women who choose to cover up.

I've heard that a good rule when trying to dress "sexy" is that a woman would show off ONE of these: leg(s), cleavage, back. And even then, that's for those occasions when you want a daring party dress. But, I digress.

I was doing a google image search of long skirts I found attractive, and came across this site:

(the demin skirt image is what caught my eye)

From what I can tell, it's the long skirts of heavier materials that appear more "frumpy", and that the top you choose to go with it also has a big impact on the overal look.


I do wish that clothing was made to be more modest, but I will tell you that it is a great testament to "fashionable" people when you and I take the time to look great AND be modest. For people that are interested in getting attention from their looks, if they see a woman looking feminine and beautiful even though she is covered up, they may be inspired to try the same thing. I personally love the challenge of dressing modernly with layered looks, bright colors, high necklines, cute but not-snug jeans or skirts, and nice accessories. It gets the attention of the teens I work with at church. They can see that I take care of myself and dress cute without the sex appeal. Do be a victim! You have to look harder and be more creative, but it is worth it to feel beautiful and confident, yet know that you are pleasing the Lord and not a acting as a stumbling block to those around you.


I SO agree that the fashion industry still has a long way to go, however there are places you can find modest clothes, but I will admit it takes a bit of coordinating and hunting. I am Muslim and I highly recommend checking out what observant Muslim and Jewish girls (especially in big cities, like NYC) can do with stuff off the rack. Creativity abounds! And when someone in our community notices that a retailer is offering something modest or something that can be adapted to be modest, (so many Muslim girls are wearing long-sleeved shirts under maxi dresses now!) everyone alerts everyone else and a shopping frenzy entails! I know it's not PC to like Muslims very much these days but seriously, do a search for "Muslim fashion blog". Contrary to popular belief, most of us do not wear the "burqa" or black robes and in fact many of us in the West live in such culturally diverse communities and attend culturally diverse mosques that we end up combining multiple cultural influences to come up with really amazing creative stuff.


I was at Disney World a few weeks ago and there was a Muslim husband and wife behind us in line for one of the rides. It was so nice to see someone covered up! She looked gorgeous and was a nice break from the ill-fitting clothes, hanging out bellies, short shorts, etc. I can't understand what compels people to wear the things they do. And honestly, the men looked just as bad.


I love being modest and fashionable. I've devoted my blog to undertaking the task of pursuing more modesty in my own life after realizing that as a Christian woman I was becoming a hypocrite in the way I dressed or how I wanted to be percieved vs. what I know is right. So I started writing about it after reading A Return to Modesty. I've started compling sites that specialize in modest clothes for girls and women too. I've actually found it is EASIER for me to shop now because my parameters are more specific. I still wear pants but I'm really loving long skirts and shirts that I don't have to hold at the neckline when I bend over!
Anyway, you aren't alone. I think anyone pointing your direction is probably secretly jealous (a cliche, I know, but often true) that you have the confidence to truly wear what you like best. Don't lose that quality. It will serve you well in life. Kudos to you for following your conscience.

Novan Leon

As as guy, all I can say is, "keep dressing modestly and don't give in!". I find modesty MUCH more attractive than the trashy fashions that women (especially teens) indulge in today. This kind of revealing "trashy fashion" is repulsive to me.

In my opinion, being feminine and modest are complimentary to one another. I believe it's quite possible to dress attractively AND dress modestly.

Valerie Reilly

You write that "I read in Vogue..."
then you write:
"I don’t follow fashion"
Then you write: "I’m always reading in fashion magazines that women’s clothes are looking more feminine."

Okay, there is a lot to be said for wearing what you like and what you are comfortable in.

Don't get caught up in the magazines, believe it or not, they make money selling sex and insecurity. Forget about them.

(There are, by the way, plenty of fantastic, sexy 1940's looks that are in right now, stockinged legs, blouses and below-the-knee skirts.)

For you, if you prefer, wear simple styles. Turtlenecks are always attractive in the winter, cardigans are in, simple tank tops and GAP style tops are classics. Vests are big. A white blouse will never go out of style. Flats are comfortable and pretty. Don't worry about sexy styles, they are for the people who want to wear them. But that does not have to include you. Be happy in your own skin, and wear what you want.


Michelle Therese

I have this lovely Regency-style dress that I wore to church one Sunday. We happened to stop at one of the local shops. Now, I've been ridiculed and laughed at for what I wear around here so I often feel paranoid when I go out into public (a sad lol for that!)

Anyhoo, while I was standing in the checkout line this 9-year old girl (or thereabouts) walks by with her father, stops, gapes, gasps!!, and says, "DAD! DAD LOOK AT THAT DRESS! LOOK AT THAT DRESS!!" She was just THRILLED to bits! She loved my dress! Probably because she wasn't awash with fashion magazines and fashion this and fashion that...

So you know what I think??

Forget the fashion industry! We don't need them. :-) They are just some external "extra" on the fringes of our lives. Let the fashion industry be as stupid as it wants ~ meanwhile we'll do our own thing. We don't need a fashion industry or fashion magazines or fashion clothes. Find a seamstress and/or learn how to sew and you'll get even better clothes for pretty much the same prices!

Richard Gay

"Sexy" is in the imagination, and more cover leaves more room for imagination. When I lived in Boston, the ladies wore more and it didn't diminish the appeal at all.


My husband was initially attracted to me because of my modesty in dress and behavior, which brightens my life because I have always tried to keep myself covered, even though I was sometimes made fun of (even by fellow girls of my faith).

So, keep dressing modestly girls! There are guys out there who love it!


"Hippie" and "Prairie" skirts were still quite popular this summer, and with tights can easily be worn into fall and winter. Also, retro and vintage fashion are still very popular, and in general are considerably more "modest" then current fashions. And of course, certain lines have a more modest and traditionally feminine aesthetic. If you're still shopping in juniors sections, look for career wear.
Also, I wear tops that show cleavage occasionally and I show off my legs on occasion. I prefer pencil skirts, as they show off my legs without encouraging the "slut" label, that others seem so happy to give. I feel that femininity is at least somewhat dependent on what makes the individual feel feminine. For me it is tied into the natural curves of my body, and not feeling ashamed of my form.
I understand that there are personal preferences, and boundaries that coincide in fashion and what is appropriate to wear in public. But to be so judgmental of another women based solely on her clothing is highly unchristian-like. I was under the impression that most of the rules of the old testament (Not the ten commandments, but the archaic ones concerning clothing and how shellfish is unclean.) were broken with Jesus and his teachings.


I just wanted to say thank you to all the gentlemen for their kind remarks about how they find modestly dressed women feminine and attractive.

That is always heartening to hear, since we can't read men's minds and often seem to receive less attention when we dress modestly.

Thanks, guys!

Debbie Welcher

I enjoyed reading your blog posting. I am a bridal store owner and I have now become a modest-style only bridal store. 100% modest wedding dresses. I have a small shop, but the women I see all choose modesty. I have brides that drive from states away. Everywhere is strapless - everywhere. I love my little shop and I'm having a wonderful and SUCCESSFUL business serving women that only choose modesty.
I own Chatfields Bridal Boutique in St. Louis, Missouri.


I LOVE this article and totally agree! The reason I made my site was for this reason! I'm so passionate about modesty! Keep up your views! It will eventually catch on! we just have to MAKE IT! lol! Let's be LOUD together!


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