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July 07, 2009



Just makes me glad I don't have HBO. And I thought Women's Lib was about raising women up, not drag them down to ever new lows. Silly me. When will I ever learn?

Liz Neville

Actually, we ALL get the chance to "Pimp Ray" in HBO's companion marketing contest:

Evenhandedness! Except the sadly hilarious "Contest Rules" come with the same absurd, fast-talking-lawyer fine print, and the admonishment "No Purchase Necessary". Au contraire. You are buying in to the idea that "pimping" is all fun and games-- and for cash yet. $10K to the entry with the best ad to promote Ray's business. Oh, but you must be 18 or over to play (whew!) and no foreign language entries. Man, they just won't get the joke.

spinal tap

It seems that Love Has Many Faces, but we've seen them all already!

Aside from the concept of the struggling poet (as opposed to the large and ever larger population of commercially profitable poets?), this sounds like Sonny Corleone crashed head on with Pretty Woman while watching Mr. Mom on the betamax!

Alas another single-season train wreck with little original content

The producers of this disaster (all 4 or 5 of them) would have been better off remaking another Deuce Bigalow!


Soon enough "transgressive" and "groundbreaking" on HBO will be the modest chick who gets married...(and get this) for a lifetime! Her kids will grow up in stability (radical!)

Now pimps and hos, tommorrow HBO will feature solid Moms and Dads.

Am I alone in hoping history is cyclical?

Robin Goodfellow

A point I'd like to mention, in regards to the idea of being well endowed but with a heart:

The famous porn actor, Ron Jeremy, actually went to school to teach young kids with learning disabilities. But one day his then gf takes a snap shot of his equipment, sends it in to [some porn company] and Ron finds himself awash with offers to do work for the adult entertainment industry.

I'm not saying he's an angel. I just wanted to point out he didn't start out his life to become what he is today.


I don't subscribe to HBO and wouldn't have any desire to watch this show even if I did, but I couldn't help wondering if the premise originated with a man or woman. Given the emphasis on the male lead's qualification for his new career, I'd suspect the former.

Curt Longfellow

If this choice is mutually exclusive which man would you prefer (for the rest of your life)?

Ron could have always said, "No". Please don't insinuate it was his GFs fault, or try to normalse the fringe.

Awash in porn offers...egad! What's a sleazebag to do?!


The Glamorization of prostitution, pimping, porn-starring and drug-selling is SO not true.

There is no such thing as glamorous prostitution. The New York governor scandal aside - 99.9% of women who prostitute are NOT doing it for $30 G a night. Nor are they getting much of a "Cut". Nor are they entering into it as adults. There is NO glamour. Prostitutes are big into their own glamour to make themselves feel more valued. After all, they are "Cheap". Literally.

Also, 99.9% of prostitutes who DO enter into the sex trade (Male OR female, or cross-dresser), do it as teenagers and have been sexually abused previously and this psychological damage feeds into their ability to sell themselves, or to let someone sell them because they "Love them". Most of them develop drug habits to deal with their feelings, or had them previously.

So glamourizing prostitution really just glosses over the internal damage inside of people. Instead of it being a social red-flag that something is wrong, it makes it right. It allows us to socially ignore a damaged or pschologically wounded person. And THAT is why this "GLAM prostitution" trend is unacceptable.

I wish I didn't know all this information firsthand, but too many people I love have been destroyed by this way of living.

Robin Goodfellow


I rather appreciate your comments.

I can tell what you say means a lot to you, and I want to believe it word for word, as I have the same opinions about the industry.

But I don't have the information base, nor can I pull direct evidence or quote studies or verified statistics.

My question is how do you make people care without just coming off as hysterical? I apologize if that came off as obnoxious, but that's the real question, isn't it?

How can you "make" me care, when it's so easy for someone not involved to not care? And further, my not caring is aided by the contrasting sensationalist extreme of those who _do_ care.

If you can find a way to instill a large degree of both awareness AND empathy in people (without having their newfound shame crushing them to bits on the inside), you will find a solution to this and many problems in the world.


Love the site!

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