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April 03, 2009


Modest Marilyn

I have looked through each website. Thanks for posting! I think the website I like the best is layersclothing.com. I love their basic and shape fitting clothes. They're still modest, but look beautiful on the female body. A lot of shirts that I have that are somewhat similar to those on the website turn out to be my favorites.

I think the website I thought to be the most strange was revamp.com. At first, I assumed that their 1920-50's style of clothing would be honorable, but now I'm not quiet sure. Their line seemed either too blan or immodest. Firstly, they don't have anything a teenage girl like me could wear. Secondly, the models posing in the fashion photos made the clothing seem kind of inappropriate in some type of way. However, some of their evening dresses (meant for some type of big fancy party) weren't bad. I rather liked a few of them.


It's also possible to find cute modest clothing in mainstream stores, especially this season. Al those knee length a-line skirts are adorable. And although most maxi dresses have rather revealing tops, it can be really cute to put a t-shirt underneath.



M. Landers


All sell mid-calf and/or ankle length skirts without slits, and while I've never ordered from Hannah and my order from New Creation has yet to arrive, as far as I know all carry a good reputation for quality.

Elizabeth~ Maxi dresses also work really well with a light spring cardigan. :)

Donna Randolph

I enjoy this site, thanks for sharing Modestly Yours. I do not really thing there were too many items of clothing that are what I would consider modest though. Our society seems to forget that clothing that is skin tight while not low cut or too short is not modest. The bathing suits were better than most we see today but can a bathing suit be modest? When you consider the many bare parts showing I don't think so. I'm not saying they should fully cover the body but then again how else would one be modest? Doesn't modesty need to address all the ways that are immodest instead of pointing to the fact that while this one piece of apparel is not too short it is deemed acceptable while it is still skin tight. I enjoy watching What Not to Wear but feel they are so off the mark when they tell the women/men for that matter that part of the reason their clothes are out is because they are not sexy enough. Clearly they are not in to modesty. Guess we need a show called What to Wear that focuses on modesty! Anyway even though I didn't really find too much appealing in the sites you shared, it is nonetheless interesting to see/read.


www.taqwaiman.com has some beautiful and very reasonable long skirts

Karen Hickey

I love the Boden catalog - www.bodenusa.com Not everything is modest, but they carry totally cute long and knee-length skirts. Prices aren't great, but they have good sales. Also, I was in Gap Outlet today and they had great maxi dresses - low-cut and halter-style, but they showed them with a tank underneath and a short-sleeved cardigan and I think I might be sold. It was really cute! Also, my total go-to skirt in the spring/summer is the J Crew convertible swing dress that is knit and works perfectly as a modest, cute skirt.


Global Girlfriend: Most of their styles are modest, and on top of that they are n eco-friendly fair-trade organization, so your modest clothing purchase also goes toward empowering women in thrid world countries, respecting their dignity aswell as your own!

You can also buy their stuff through any of the sites at the Greater Good network: http://www.greatergood.com/ and you can have your purchase also donate cups of food, provide medical services to children, buy kids books, provide free mammograms etc

jennie w.

I've bought several things from

They've been great!


If you are looking for quality modest swimwear you should check out http://www.modestswimwear.net/top-5-sites-to-find-modest-swimwear/
It has been a wonderful tool to help me find modest bathing suits, modest clothes, and modest dress.


Thanks for the great links and references. One site that I've bought from is Bahiya Collections. They have some great long skirts.




You can also find quite a few lovely modest items at
All handmade fair trade items that assist a women's cooperative in India. Thanks so much ladies for all the great links!


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