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April 24, 2009



Well, I will say that I was happily surprised when I took my 8.5yo daughter shopping at Kohl's for summer clothes the other day. There were lots of bermuda shorts, capris, long shirts--very cute stuff. Of course there was plenty that wasn't modest enough for our taste; but there was quite a bit that WAS nice and that's a pleasant surprise!

Usually, if I find something I like, I promptly buy it because there is so little. This time I got to be picky and leave several nice things behind. :)

Christine the Soccer Mom

My girls (10 and 7) are quite aware of modesty, and we've struggled in finding clothes that are appropriate. Wal Mart seems to be waking up a bit, and they might do well to take note that the clothes left on the clearance rack are NEVER the longer shorts, the prairie skirts, the flouncy (and feminine!) belly-covering shirts. It's always the rear-end-hangs-out-and-undies-show-at-the-top shorts and skirts.

Consequently, I budget extra in for when I find decent clothes that cover them up appropriately so I can buy some in the next size up if I can.

Also, I've noticed that shoes have gotten better. Not too many wedge-like high heeled shoes. Ballet slipper shoes are back (hooray!).

Now if we can just get it through to them that I'd rather not have to wade through piles of underwire bras for my ten year old. Or leopard-spotted bikini panties. And don't get me started on how hard it was to find a SLIP!

Marcia Wilwerding

I wouldn't call the mini dress Miley Cyrus is wearing on the red carpet modest by any means. Mirror.co.uk has an article entitled "Miley Cyrus: Hannah Montana actress and her dad Billy Ray on a life of stardom" at this link with a photo of her with her father.


Anita Lauer

I've been living in South Korea for the past eight months where shoulders are seldom seen. Strappy, or strapless shirts and dresses are worn with matching or contrasting t-shirts underneath, and the shortest of skirts are worn with opaque hosiery. It's cute, modest,young looking, and I hope that it will catch on in the States.


My 12 year old granddaughter will be visiting me this summer from Portland, OR. I have just learned that she is now wearing black eyeliner (heavy,with fish tails at the corner)! Not only that, she had her long beautiful blond curls cut off short, dyed it black and straightens it! I'm in for a shock. She is too young for makeup, especially so severe. What's a grandmother to do? Any suggestions from anybody? By the way she does dress modestly.

Sharon Larson

To be able to help mothers of young girls all across this country shop with their girls, and find clothes that are modest, fun, cute, and affordable, I have begun a clothing business to address these issues! Check out www.cupcakesclothing.blogspot.com and become a fan!


My daughter Alaina is going to visit me this winter and her father called me and said "alaina has been wearing eyeliner and foundation and lipstick etc." i was very shocked when he said shes wearing VERY inappropriate mini dresses to dances that no one knows about, SHES ONLY 13 for Gods sake shes learning from miley cyrus, she is a horrible role model..sorry miley

Emily Boyles

This is to eelexa-sorry-Miley is not the problem, the parents are the problem for buying her the dress!! Don't blame celebrities for your daughter dressing inappropriately. That is your fault!!

Tween Dresses

I hope the trend of tween clothing being more modest sticks, there is no need for girls that age to be dressing anything but!

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