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March 20, 2009



Bravo for giving your wardrobe a modest over haul. Some immodest items can be given a whole new life by layering really cute undershirts with them. My personal favorite place to buy these types of shirts are at Shade Clothing. http://www.shadeclothing.com

Gina D'Angelo

Not to promote particular sites, but in my opinion, Tznius.com has the greatest styles & prices for modest clothing. Everything is rabbinically-approved, so you know its modest.

Alexandra Foley

What you say is so true. You feel so much freer when you are wearing modest clothes. No fidgeting and worrying that someone is glancing at your cleavage! Way to go!


I am doing something very similar to this, but, I must admit, I had/have a great deal of immodest clothing to rid myself of... And considering my age (I am fifteen, and being fifteen, it is very hard to come by a job) I have little to no money to replace said items.

Anyhow, I applaud your move. I wish my mom would dress more modestly- I think her small size makes it difficult for her to do so, but still.. I wish she would..


Sometimes thrift stores have modest clothing you can't find other places. It's sort of neat. It can be difficult sometimes, but every once in a while there's something really fantastic there. (I found a long denim skirt for $4, and now I have no idea what I ever wore before that. But when I got it, I couldn't imagine myself in so much drapey fabric!) Good luck with finding some excellent clothes-- I'm sure you'll find them! :)

P.S. If (and only if!) sewing is something you enjoy, you might find you can get a pattern (maybe even for free from the internet) and sew a dress, too. I recommend, from the little experience I have had getting new, excellent, sturdy fabric. I think it can make a huge difference.

Again, best of luck!!!


Lydia - I just want to suggest that you talk to your mother about how her clothing choices make you feel. My best friend in high school was constantly mortified by her mother's immodest (and that's putting it politely) attire - our male "friends" even made up lyrics to the tune of "Stacy's Mom" about her! Eventually, I convinced my friend to discuss it with her mother, who cried and vowed to change her ways. She didn't actually, but my friend stopped feeling so poorly about it because she had made her feelings known.

Best of luck!

Barbara Godding

Get rid of my immodest clothes No Way!!!I like wearing them especially when summer comes so if you don't like TS.

Gerald Wicker

I love girls that show their navels

Their is no reason for a girl to bare her belly, hips, and waist other than to get a man's attention

Regardless of fashion

I admire women I know that keep their navels covered, and make you imagine what their belly's look like

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