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January 16, 2009



Actually, yes, that's exactly the way society has responded. Instead of teaching men to treat women's bodies with honor and respect, we've taught women to treat men's bodies with dishonor and disrespect. The result has not been pleasant for anybody.


I totally agree with what your saying,and it's almost embarrassing that people are focusing on this so much. Obama is coming to be the president for the youth, but I wish more people were concerned about whether or not he can deliver when it comes to the real issues. Just because one is a charismatic speaker doesn't mean that they're going to get things done, or get them done in the best way.

Rofigo de la Mancha


Are you saying you can't be a good leader if you have a hot bod?

Methinks that Obama isn't that bothered by it. He might be embarrassed, a little, but not really bothered. My only concern, were I him, would be if other nations would take me seriously if I won a Teens' Choice award for "hottest president". And unless Obama wants to be fascist about it, he can't really control the media, so he can't control the nation's obsession with hotness.

As for "dishonour" or "disrespect"...

As a guy, I don't feel that way if a lady likes my body. I feel that way if that's all she cares about. Obama didn't win simply through looks; I'm pretty sure a lot of people liked whatever (he said) he stood for.

For me, it's not so much the objectification as it is the neglecting the very real consequences of politics. Stuff like this derides the value of the political process.

Christine Canavan

I agree that dignity needs to be put back into public discussion. I agree that President Obama is handsome but I want to hear about his plans and ideas (what's in his head not what's under his clothing.) I feel the same way about the coverage of Michelle Obama. I wrote about it in a post on my blog called: "Change". Here's the link http://www.btc-boutique.com/wonderful_women/?p=179 in case anyone of your readers would like to read and comment on it. Thank you.


Thanks for holding women up to the same standard at which you hold men. While I separate the revealing of flesh from sex (as in some cultures entire families wear absolutely nothing on the beach), I'm okay with the idea of modesty, so long as those who preach it give the same message to both genders. As for me (a guy), I usually wear a shirt and shorts/pants AND shoes all the time, and it's not because I think I have an ugly or sinful body, but because I'm simply modest. Plenty of fellas are that way.

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