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December 15, 2008


Rofigo de la Mancha

"True self respect does not come at the cost of someone else's."

This is a saying I've come up with over the past while, and your post holds it true.

Ultimately, both sides, modest and immodest, are mostly fighting in the interest of self-preservation. Any gain made for those modest, feels like a loss to those immodest, and vice versa.

The result is that we generally have to discount those we view as obstacles as to not waste energy trying to affect something we have no investment in. So what you have to ask your self, is how much you're willing to ignore someone, before you're just being conceited.

So those who "attack" may well feel you are looking down at (and then ingoring) them condescendingly. "There, there, you poor degenerate. There, there." If someone did that to you, you'd get upset, and maybe even lash out.

It's the same thing as getting angry at Playboy models, and demanding that they stop. It's their lifestyle, not yours, so why do you complain?


There is a huge difference between thoughtful criticism and personally making fun of someone.


Wow...I was really offended when I followd the "Tribal Wives" preview. Could we get any more classic in the presentation of the condescending, white, well-to-do westerner getting in touch with "spiritual depths" by popping in for a stay with a "primitive" people for a while?
I appreciate the point that you make, Ms. Logan, but it's a pity you felt the need to use such a racist object lesson.

Alexandra Foley

Personally, I have always noticed that it is those who are the least comfortable with their own immodest lifestyle that are the most threatened by my choice to be modest. The "choice" and "tolerance" rhetoric is, apparently, a one-way street.


Why is racist to admit that Westerners have something to learn from those in non-Western cultures? p.s. I could not view the video


Look at the link again--it's been changed to an article about the show, because several people couldn't view the video.


Although I wouldn't call the entire exercise racist, I am not saying the show is not quite contrived, as TV tends to be, I used it as an illustrative example rather than a model of perfection.

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