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November 02, 2008



Wow, go Cassy! Is there anywhere online we can listen to the interview?


It is wonderful to know that things like this are going on in the world! Sometimes it seems like the numbers in our society who hold true to traditional values and sexual purity are dwindling, but it gives me courage to read things like this. I recently saw a program entitled, "Purity Balls" where girls from ages 5-18 attend a ball with their fathers, and make a covenant to remain a virgin until marriage. It was again, very comforting to know that there are girls (as young as 5) who are willing to make such a commitment. The main interviewee said, "Why not strive for the fairy tale?" Well stated!

Rofigo de la Mancha

Right, so they'd offer me support if I were to start my own group?

I somehow don't believe that.

I recently did try to start one (I should still be trying, but the chaste community's kind'a letting me down).

I even e-mailed True Love Revolution (not the same group, but that shouldn't matter) to get some help.

But I don't think it went over very well.

See, unlike the Anscombe Society, I'm not homophobic. And unlike the large majority of chastity support organizations and their supporters, I'm not religious either.

Denying non-heterosexuals equal status in the heart or mind is just wrong. For fundamental humanitarian reasons, it is just wrong. But the Anscombe Society has no compunction against this sexual discrimination, and therefore simply has no right to laude itself as a representative to those seeking suppport.

What if a gay person wanted to start a chastity support group? Do they not "count" because they're gay?

I submit that those who say "yes" don't "count" either.


As a guy, I am really encouraged by this blog. Women deserve SO much better from us! I would tell any of my guy friends that there are so many amazing women out there just looking for a man to actually treat them with honor, purity, dignity and a willingness to actually be committed. If you really become this kind of man (not just superficially pretending to be), you have a very good chance of finding an amazing woman because sadly, this kind of man is a rare find! If you learn how to treat her as your sister or best friend and actually relate to her intellectually and emotionally, and if you don't treat her as an object to be cheaply used, you will be amazed how she responds. I am part of a Christian ministry with hundreds of young adults in their 20's, and there is an obviously large number of amazing women who want to be pursued for marriage but are waiting for men who are worthy of them.

Liz Neville

Dangermom-- the radio show was Bill Bennett's "Morning in America"; try googling it and you may find that they archive their interviews.

Rofigo-- it sounds like you have fundamental differences with the Anscombe society, but perhaps it's only because they are trying to promote heterosexual marriage and families. To ask them to support your approach of gay chastity seems a bit outside their target. Have you approached any gay-friendly groups with your idea? How about starting one yourself? Cassy certainly didn't benefit from much support or encouragement in her college's hook-up culture; on the contrary, she bucked the culture to establish Anscombe. Maybe you could do the same.


I agree with Rofigo -- I attend Princeton, and the Anscombe Society is definitely homophobic, in fact they funded much of "Yes on Proposition 8" initiatives in California. We need Chastity and True Love Groups that do not have this added homophobic stance, and we don't need the two ideas conflated.

Victor Lectus

I am so tired of people who support traditional marriage being called homophobic. What does that silly term mean, anyway? That we are afraid of homosexual people? Please. It's just a thuggush way of trying to beat your opponent's viewpoint without actually making an argument. I don't believe supporting male-female marriage makes one anti-gay. Trying to dismantle the framework of nuclear-family based society and traditional relgious practice, for the sake of convenience and placing "acceptance" on gay couples, is, however, destructive. It needs to be argued rationally among people who don't simply dismiss one another with silly terms when they don't like the opposing argument.

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