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October 10, 2008



They're trying to come up with the new viral marketing campaign but I really don't think 18-22-year-olds will go for it. It's just dumb.

Sarah M


Rofigo de la Mancha

College kids will enjoy playing with this ad. Doesn't mean they'll literally buy into it. I myself find it stupid, but funny.

After a quick glance at the site, though... "lame" is my word for it. I'm sick of companies shoving sexuality down my throat. I don't like companies presuming that because I'm a guy, I should be obsessed with my crotch.

Liz Neville

Allison-- ugh. Thank you for bringing this up. I saw the ad and was just.... speechless. "Lame" and "stupid" don't begin to describe it. What a condescending approach for Levi's. Thanks, geniuses, but some of your potential customers are a little beyond being obsessed with their weenies. What's next, an ad about playing with your poo?


Crotch puppet? That could be a new term for anyone acting like a slave to their libido. "You crotch puppet." What a stupid add. Madison Avenue sucks.


gag me! Thank you so much for exposing this. This is a fantastic site! I'm a marketing teacher and use it for branding and public relations for my classes. Keep up the good work!

A Man


It's viral marketing. Your blogging about it makes it work.

tom babcock

Why are we surprised at this? This kind of humor does have its place, but I think that place is where Berke Breathed put it in his Bloom County strip. Oh, I will miss Opus as Berke retires.

After being chided for inappropriate remarks toward a sexy siren who told them (and I am sorry I cannot give a direct quote), "You mock the very thing that gives meaning to your dull and pointless lives", Bill the Cat and Opus are seen staring down into their BVDs.

It has resonance on a juvenile level, but in a jeans seems just as inappropriate as the Guess promos with the (apparently) pre-teen models.

But then, they are trying to sell jeans, not virtue.


The bloggers on this site seem to have a fascination with all things IMmodest.

Headless Unicorn Guy

Now THAT's stupid.

Somebody get on the horn to Parker & Stone -- the whole "Unbutton Your Beast/Crotch Puppet" (to sell PANTS!) sounds like it was made for South Park!

Liz Neville

To "A Man"-- so, if we DON"T point out the idiocy and DON"T make our opinions heard, then we will have won? Hmmm. Rather dubious, I think.

And Lori-- um, the whole point of this blog spot is to discuss how modesty is addressed, or attacked, or viewed, by our society. Kind of hard to do without noticing the IMmodesty.


What I'm finding is that many aren't either entertained or shocked by this type of marketing, like others said it has become boring to say the least. We pass by pointless naked images at the mall, it's like 'so what'. Nothing shocks me anymore.

Kendra Dean

They are just trying to get attention from young people and like it or not, kids react to that sort of behvior/advertisment.


That's ridiculous Ive heard of some pretty crazy ideas being a marketing major but not sure how that will get people to buy jeans... sure we remember the brand, but what makes us choose that brand over everything else? Its vile to use that I understand that in this day in age sex sells but that's a little too awful for me.


To me, that sounds like social devolution, not social evolution, as some would venture to call it. Upon the whole, I find this idea for an ad a new low. The whole idea of getting to people through vulgar sexuality is shameful, even more so because some people will actually respond positively to it. This kind of humour makes me think of shows such as, 'Family Guy' and movies like, 'Freddy Got Fingered'. Not that I watch these, but I find them very tasteless and demeaning.
I'm saddened by the seemingly small amount of people (not just girls and women) who support modesty. Whatever happened to the aspiration of all that is good and great?
This ad is a cry for help, and fortunately there are people with enough sense to respond to these cries.
Sorry if I'm being too diplomatic, but I just get so into this...!

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