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May 05, 2008


Tom Babcock

I think it so odd that a skin care product advertises that it is so good, it is being given out in the VIP gift bags at the Sundance File Festival. That icon of 70's and 80's maleness, by whom I mean Robert Redford, is not an obvious poster boy for the product. And while I may have been more interested in the costars, I don't sense that he, or Clint Eastwood, or Sean Connery (I don't sense the use of skin care products) needed to be metrosexual, or needed to provide the full monty, to attain status as a male sex symbol.


Are you the same Liz as Liz Ferrante in the NatWest LODP training program K? We are trying to plan a 25 year reunion and need to track you down. I lost your address. Lisa

Liz Neville

Lisa Pattinson?? Yes-- it's me-- how nice to hear from you!! Email me at the yahoo address (click on my highlighted name at the end of this comment) and we can catch up.

Another community service brought to you by ModestyZone!!

Liz Neville

My email address: modlizzy@yahoo.com-- Liz Neville

Mark La Roi

Someone once called me Metrosexual just because I can match my clothes with my shoes, socks and belt. I cannot tell you how I long for that word to die a swift and painful death!

Or at least be reserved for guys who wear makeup and it isn't to conceal a hideous scar. Although even then, the right scar can be kinda cool, so...

Jennifer B

Metrosexual Man seems to be nothing more than Frat Boy in the "real" world. Granted, it could be just the ones I knew. :)

Amber Lee Peace

Metrosexual does tend to go with the vice of vanity. Of course I don't like slovenly, but there is a nice medium. It usually involves washing your hair occasionally, matching, and just being clean. I think of clean hands and a washed face going with a good diet and exercise - we are a creation and creation is made to glorify our Creator. You don't have to get a $30 manicure to glorify, just wash your hands and use a nail clipper :)


As is the case with most media inventions and fads, I don't think meterosexual man was ever really alive.

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