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April 25, 2008



Ireland and Northern Ireland don't have the same government.


I wonder if they could find a link between early sex (and the usual breakups) and teen suicide. Young teens may have the hormones, but not the mental skills to cope with these kinds of major life issues. That's one of the reasons that our church strongly discourages dating until age 16 or older, and strongly encourages group dates instead of one-on-one encounters in a dark theatre or make-out spot. I began dating at 14 and have been very pleased that my children, by waiting, have avoided some of the mistakes I made those first few years.

Liz neville

Generations of finger-wagging mothers and stern-faced fathers are wondering why on earth this seems like news to the rest of us!!


Similar program is running in the US but recent reports from last week indicate that the education programs teaching teens not to be sexually active during high school was not effective.
The number of the teen pregnancies has not changed and it seems that explaining why it is best not to have sex hasn't influenced their behavior



Waiting until high school to teach personal restraint and responsibility is too late. It starts with helping a toddler stop a tantrum, continues with teaching a five year old the consequences of stealing a pack of gum at the checkout counter, making a 12 year old girl wait until she's 13 to wear makeup, etc. Even 'good kids' struggle with their budding sexuality and need parental rules to help them stay in situations where they can control themselves. Schools aren't effective teaching morality anymore, since they have to be politically correct to avoid angry parents (see posting on dress codes.) Kids need to hear those tough and honest messages from the people who love them and the ones they respect; parents, spiritual leaders, and other role models. The high school health teacher may not make the list anymore.


When I was in high school (about 6 years ago), we had health class, but the sex ed included in it was inadequate. So, I think that whatever is being taught in sex ed, rather abstinence or safe sex, more needs to be done not just to change the message, but to make sure its being taught effectively. With that said, I do feel that sex ed should teach both abstinence, but also educate students about birth control and STD prevention...because some kids are still going to have sex and they need to be prepared.


I am from america- bronx,ny to be exact, and i find this information to be utterly appalling. You people need better medical care and understanding of the real issues thats going on. I think your people have too much pride and are maybe ashamed to admit the sexual contact they are having. Sex is a beautiful but yet dangerous act. In america we have excellant doctors and resource centers where a person infected can obtain treated with no money as a safety precaution to prevent further contamination of the person or people he or she comes in contact with. Our goverment is great and for the people.God really blessed america! Horray obama! May god be with you all! and consider coming to america... its really worth it.

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