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February 20, 2008



Anyone here remember the Epilady? That device was the epitome of torture, and yet it sold millions. How about the Brazilian bikini wax? Lip plumper is nothing compared to that.

As your body ages, you lose estrogen, and that causes a breakdown in the connective tissues in your face. It also makes your lips look thin and lined. A lip plumper is supposed to temporarily reverse this effect, therefore subconsciously signaling to men that you still have plenty of estrogen left and are therefore fertile.


Ouch! I accidentally used on of those and they really do burn. The idea is to cause the lips to swell via irritation, in order to look plumper.
Suffering for beauty is definitely nothing new, and I doubt it will ever stop in the future. Just think, not too long ago women were wearing corsets


Lip plumper, I've read, contains irritants to make the lips swell.

As one who has always had very chapped and red lips, I prefer to use Carmex and red lipstick. It's more comfortable, and it looks better. Besides, who wants to kiss rough, dry, sore lips?


Well, I don't need anything to make my lips look fuller :)

I do wear heels, but I don't wear the ones that are so high that it's impractical. The highest heels I own are about 1.5 inches, and that's enough!

Honestly, if it's going to be so painful from the moment you put it on, then why wear it? I just don't think that pain is absolutely necessary to look beautiful. Now, eyebrow waxing is painful, but it doesn't last very long and I'm SURE it is not as painful as the Brazilian wax (I've never had one, and I'm not entirely sure what it is, but I know it has something to do with the nether regions of the body *shudder*).

I don't think thin lips are ugly...chapped lips, yes, but thin lips can be pretty if you wear a nice gloss or lipstick. You don't need to subject yourself to pain! Love the lips you've got...heh.


Wouldn't it be cheaper (and tastier) to eat chili peppers instead?

Also, I imagine that one could make one's husband extremely uncomfortable by wearing that stuff and forgetting to wash it off. So the men of the world probably have a vested interest in killing this particular fashion trend.

Liz neville

The whole idea is creepy-- like saying woman-as-victim is sexy. Yuk.


There are several reasons why women color their lips: To make their features "stand out," or because it's considered "proper," to imitate the natural coloring of the prettiest young women (my Church teaches against make-up, and you'd be surprised how much some of these women look like they're wearing natural look make-up, but they're not), to match their rouge, which they wear to give themselves "some color," because they are told certain facial features ought to look certain ways, because they think that their mouth, or one of their lips, is either too small, or too big, or simply because they want to look different(purple or neon), or express a dark mood or view of life (black).

Some women, however, are intentionally doing so for the following reason, a reason which concerns those who are striving to be at least a little modest: when a person is preparing to receive, or is responding to, a sexual kiss, his or her lips receive more blood to them, causing them to redden and swell. That is, the intention of certain lip-stick styles, and one reason for wanting to plump one's lips, and possible effect of doing so, is to mimic sexual arousal, and create an "equal" response in others.


I think it's silly, but here's a little story. My sister wears the stuff and she gave a kiss to my baby niece. Her little cheek completely swelled up! Poor little one!


Oh my goodness! Your poor little niece! I hope that made your sister reconsider wearing the stuff!


Lip plumper? Wouldn't it be easier to get someone to punch you in the face? That would cause your lips to swell up really fast, and it's "natural" too!

Aren't there creams that are supposed to do the same thing for the breast? Do those make you feel sore too?


No way. I got for a shimmery lip gloss any day. I don't care if people say it's something for the teeny-boppers ((I'm 19)). There's no way I'm doing that to my lips. And honestly, can the stinging and pain REALLY be good for you in the long run?


People have done strange things for fashion's sake for a LONG time. (Examples are mostly female fashions, because those are the ones that come to mind...)

Remember corsets in Victorian/Edwardian times?

And breast-reductions and/or breast-binding for the boyish flapper look in the Roaring Twenties?

And push-up/padded bras and high heels in the Nifty Fifties?

And smoking from the Twenties to the first Sixties?

Toxic makeups, ghost-pale to precancerous-tanned skin, near-anorexic diets, hair-conking/perming, boob jobs, hairdos all the way from short bobs to beehives to long and straight -- "Lip Plumpers" have a long and crowded list of predecessors.

And what happens when thin lips come into fashion?


Something else just came to mind, regarding the title of this post, "In Pursuit of the Perfect Pout":

Isn't pouting something a TODDLER does when he/she doesn't get his/her way?

I know there are a lot of perpetual toddlers out there in sexually-active adult bodies (just listen when they get frustrated in any way), but making a posing behavior of three-year-olds the standard of "SEX-AY" beauty?


A friend and I were in Bath and Body Works when a saleslady approaches us and offered a sample of this stuff. It was awful and within seconds we both were searching our purses for kleenex to wipe it off. I told my fiance (now husband) about it and he couldn't understand why women would do that to themselves. Frankly, I don't either.

Theresa Shadrix

Hey Allison,
I did the same thing, which prompted me to re-think all my lipsticks! There is nothing like pain to make you clean out the make-up drawer. I also wrote my column this week about PlanetLove lipsticks, which are "green".


Argh, the lip plumper. People should be more wary of what they put on their lips. Most of these chemicals and irritants just end up getting swallowed and put into your system.

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