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January 06, 2008



that's refreshing!


The question is not just one of covering up (though this a start), but HOW one covers up. Tight clothes may indeed cover the flesh, but do not hide the figure. If you had a very precious, expensive, breakable gift or china, porcelein or glass and you wanted to give it as a gift without anyone else knowing, how would you wrap it? Would you just throw some wrapping paper around it, toss it in your car, leave the car unlocked, and then toss the gift (if it hasn't been stolen) haphazardly to a friend? Or would you find a suitable box, pad it out to protect the item, then carefully wrap it, place it gently in your car, lock the doors, and handle the box with all care when presenting it to your friend? The china, porcelein and glass represents the gift of purity, the finely wrapped box represents the feminine modesty that surrounds the gift sheltering it and protecting the gift from the eyes of others.

Why is the answer so clear when it comes to how to protect and wrap an earthly gift but not when it comes to the higher gift of purity?


You don't want to wear a potato sack either! There is a difference between fitted and skin tight. To me, "fitted" means that it is cut to show the outline of your figure, but does not expose every bump and curve. "Fitted" is more flattering than "skin tight".

And Christopher: beautiful analogy!


Well, could be because earthly gifts are fragile and breakable, whereas human beings are made out of flesh, blood and bone. Also, human beings, male and female, must move, walk, talk and be active throughout their day; they just can't be packaged the way an inanimate object can.


I ran for Mrs. Alaska America last year and won 2nd runner up. I had the hardest time finding a modest evening gown. I am thinking about running again. Has anyone seen any modest evening gowns? They are always very prom-ish and at 30 I don't want to look like I am going to a dance. I'm looking for a modest neckline and back and sleeves, cap or long. I would appreciate any help.


Our style is a statement of who we are and what our comfort level is. The statement is: our limits, modesty and budget. Showing too much can affect yourself and those around you who will be looking at the wrong places. To cover up and be comfortable, go to www.shadeclothing.com
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