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November 11, 2007


Ruthor Lex

I think colleges are lost causes.

mary o'hayes

Colleges are not lost causes. College is a natural time for young people to question their identity and beliefs. Why not broaden the conversation and challenge today's status quo on many college campuses, which is that you're normal and healthy if you're screwing around, but you're repressed and inhibited if you're not?

mary o'hayes

Please let us know if there area transcripts or audio files of the forum. I can't make it to DC, but would love to hear the talks. Break a leg, Wendy!

Erin P

While certainly challenging places to grow up and keep your wits about you, colleges are not lost causes -- I disagree with Ruthor! And want to hear more about the strategies you discuss. I'm sure I'm not alone:)

I think framing the discussion in terms of practical strategies makes it accessible and useful to Everyone on college campuses. And if you can spur young people to reflect on their moral decision-making in the process, bravo! We call it Higher education for a reason, right? Let's really take back the night.

Alexandra Foley

I can't wait to hear the debriefing on this event. I am sure it was great. I think college students are more posed now than ever to take back the campus. I see signs of it here in Texas all the time. Students are starting to think for themselves and see the emptiness of the sex culture.

Luthor Rex

Ruthor Lex?


The culture of our grandparents was against sex before marriage. The current culture requires sex before marriage.

Both systems are equally oppressive when they deny individual choice. It's funny how the same group that runs around screaming about how it's "my body, my choice" will also poo-poo those who aren't having anonymous sex with strangers.

So I guess it's a woman's body and a woman's choice until that woman makes a choice the choice-culture doesn't like...


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