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November 02, 2007



I was actually very happy with our Halloween--we had zillions of trick-or-treaters--but I did see some younger teen girls (13 and 14) wearing some pretty short skirts. On the whole I didn't see anything too awful on younger girls. But I guess this is partly why I sew so many costumes! The stuff in stores gets worse every year.

We always have the usual Halloween store open here in town, but this year I noticed a new one: "Barely There" advertised that "Halloween just got a little sexier!" As if Halloween needed any more sexiness? There's already more than enough! But as far as I know, that store was aimed at the large college crowd here in town (which is appalling enough) and not at young girls.

My two girls were Robin Hood and Maid Marian--they practiced 'archery' for days. I hope they'll stay at that level for a while!


In general, I'm not a Halloween fan. But three years ago I moved to a small town, where halloween is more of a social event. Everyone knows everyone else, so people with young children go door to door and visit with people who don't have young children.

In my town, children older than 8th grade don't trick-or-treat, they have their own parties if they want to dress up. My college does trick-or-charity, collecting canned goods, not candy.

This is the first place I've lived where Halloween isn't an excuse for vandalism and hyper-sexualized costumes, and it's really nice. People are able to just have fun dressing up!


What do I think of Halloween?

I'm sorry to say that this year I found it depressing. I had more teenage trick-or-treaters (in the 14-18/19) age bracket this year then I had actual children. Aren't teens a little old for this of thing? Or, to put it another way, shouldn't they be too old for this? I had fairy princesses and goth girls with noticeable grown-up breasts popping out of their halter tops, and some boys taller than I am!

Also, they're giggly, snarky, smirky, generally unpleasant to deal with. Often, they don't wear costumes, just thrust out their goodie bag, mumbling "Trigortreeeet".

And the costumes they do wear. . . oh brother! I had girl, around 15 or so, dressed as Mariyn Monroe from "The Seven Year Itch". And sexy witches, of course. And one little boy whose demented parents dressed him in a pimp costume. (Pimps seem to be unusally popular this year).

I love the little kids, but, once my son is too old to trick-or-treat, I'd like to cancel Halloween at our house. It looks like it's becoming just another spring/break teens/adults behaving badly "holiday".

I find it interesting, by the way, that the more adults and teens are dressing up for Halloween, the less kids are allowed to. I got a downright hostile letter from my son's school, warning in no uncertain terms that there would be no Halloween costume parade this year, and kids would not be allowed to put on any cosutmes until about five minutes before the end of the school day.


halloween used to be lots of fun when i was younger, but i think that after you get older its not that fun. atleast i thought so, when my friend asked me what i was going to be for halloween and i said nothing, she said " how can you not? halloween is the only time of the year whena girl can dress up as a total slut and people cant say anything." i found this rather disturbing. on halloween i found myself admiring the girls who dressed up and kept their clothes on, they were much more creative.


I think that line about Halloween being the only time of year girls can dress up as sluts and nobody can say anything originally came from the movie "Heathers."

The media does influence society.

Anna S

I remember I dressed like a Japanese woman two years ago, with a little pupil of mine. We had so much fun together!

Mrs. Y

We had lots of princesses and ninjas, and mostly children. I thought it was a pretty tasteful year. My middle son was a banana.


I have really fond memories of Halloween from when I was younger. We lived in a neighborhood where it was a big family social event. over 90% of houses passed out candy or other treats and decorated. I don't remember seeing slutty costumes and that's something that would have stuck with me, even in elementary school. Once I was over a certain age, 12 or 13, it was a time to see the younger kids and talk to neighbors, not to dress like a prostitute.

I'm looking forward to when I have children and can dress them up in clever costumes, not those that show the most skin.


I thought that the Halloween slut line was from Mean Girls...a movie not even half as mean as Heathers.

I've always wanted to dress up for Halloween...has anyone seen that TV show Freaks and Geeks? Those three ADORABLE young men dressed as a robot, Groucho Marx and the Bionic Woman? I don't think I've laughed so much in my entire life!

Now where were those guys when I was in high school? It seems like even the nerds are trying to 'pimp it' these days.


Today a tween girl I know commented that at her school, most people were OK, but one girl was wearing something completely inappropriate and was sent home. Some boys thought it was 'hot,' and some were disgusted. She felt sorry that the girl's dad didn't care what his daughter wore.


I just found your blog and I love it! I've always been very modest and have often been made to feel bad about it-- mostly by other women, interestingly enough! Thank you for this blog!


Oops! In my haste to congratulate you on the awesome blog, I forgot to respond to your post!

I personally am horrified at what is now considered a costume. Dressing up for halloween used to be about becoming something entirely different from yourself, like a dinosaur or a mummy. The sexiest costume was a dead bride.

Today's costumes are all about being the sexiest possible version of yourself. It amazes me that parents sexualize their children in this way and then condemn those who find them sexy.

I know some parents think you have to pick your battles and this isn't one of them, but I think allowing your child to dress this way (and therefore telling them that you think that is appropriate) sends a very bad message to them, to their peers, and to the people that seek to do them harm.

And besides that, dressing up like a dinosaur is way more fun.

Batya Shevinsky

The parents of these tweens may not care what they wear, but we do!

Grace Leigh

You may be interested in the following blog posting and its subsequent comments, all of which deal with the outrageously over-sexualized direction Halloween seems to have headed in recent years:



Grace, do you have a link for that blog posting? That address doesn't work for me (and it's very long to type in).

Grace Leigh

Sorry about that! Try this:

If it still doesn't work, go to www.myspace.com/73andsunny and click on the blog posting entitled "The Adult Holiday".


I think halloween is a harmless event for kids and adults. You wear cute, funny or scary costumes, watch the same scary movies every october..
But yes, the sexualization of it.. When giving out candy once, there was a girl who was abt 13/14, she had quite an ample bosom and wearing a tight halter neck (she was an angel with wings and gliterry make up). She was telling a friend how a man asked her to come into his house. She giggled and said "gross!!" while I stood there dumbfounded.

Yes, many thanks, Grace, I used that link, and it worked just fine!

What do you think was the deal with that Taylor, character, by the way? I notice she never did reply to you. Were you (and everybody else on the site) supposed to be so wowed by her in her outfit you'd just drop all criticism whatsoever and gasp in admiration?


I think it's disgusting that the girls aren't allowed to have fantasies about real activities they want to pursue when they become adults. The media has put even young children into the role of a pre-sex toy for preteens, and they tell them that they shouldn't be confident of themselves in any other capacity. Old-timey feminists, please come back. But wear short skirts so you can get on TV and put your message to the people.


I am 15 years old and I went trick or treating. Responding to the comment of teenagers being rude on halloween, I would agree with you on the most part;however, please be careful not to overgeneralize. I, along with my friends, were very respectful and always said thank you when receiving our candy. I dressed up as Deb from Napoleon Dynamite and had an amazing time on halloween.


Interesting topic. There are two things that bother me about halloween though. Firstly, halloween is a satanists holy high day, which really bugs me. Second of all are the sexy costumes which the girls wear nowadays. That bugs me too. Some boys try to live out the Bible, but that can be really hard when you see girls wearing stuff like that. Sexy and attractive, but morally wrong, unless you have a wife, and she's wearing privtely for you. Yes, costumes are a powerful tool, and they are fun to wear, but thinking about it, I don't think they realise someone that we hide. I mean, i'm religious, but I like to dress up and act like a demon privetly, simplely because I like to dress up as something scary. I don't actually want to be one. So, that sentence is debatable.

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