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September 19, 2007


Anna S

I can relate to that! Modesty is true freedom: freedom from superficial lust, freedom to pursue true love and respect from a decent man.


I love watching this show. Primarily they deal with women, and most of them just don't seem to think they deserve better than what they have, low self confidence, afraid to change, etc. By following the wardrobe advice myself, I've found that I feel better and get better treatment from everyone around me, particularly at work. Since I'm an engineer, my workmates are primarily men, so it definitely helps to have the extra confidence boost. The way you present yourself makes an impression on others, either good or bad, and they make presuppositions and judgments based on that. This also affects the treatment you receive. It's something that our over-sexualized culture would do well to wake up and see, particularly the teens and young adults. I sometimes wonder if that's part of why so many young women have such low self confidence.

Go Stacy and Clinton!


Not only does modest dress affect our confidence but also our comportment, how we treat those around us. Even a stay at home mom can approach the care of her kids with more grace and care if she has bothered to ditch the sweats for the day and see her role as a dignified and important position. I spent so much of my youth in workout gear and never made the connection between dress and carriage and the way people treat you. Thanks to my kids and their response to me in my different attire, I can see clearly the connection.

I just wish I had cable and could watch this show!

Batya Shevinsky

I'm so glad to hear that modest values have infiltrated reality tv!

Mark La Roi

"No wonder her next testimonial was, “Now, I feel totally free.”"

What a great example of how a framework can be more freeing than living without boundaries.


Personally I prefer the English version of the show (with Suzanne and Trinny). They really work with the client analizing their body type, skin color, lifestyle etc and the final look is truly amazing!

Stacy and Clinton are more "fashion victims", dressing their clients with what is on vogue, instead of with what is more appropriate for them (considering age, jobs etc). Most of the time they end up dressing different people with the same style of clothing. Boring!


I can't believe you applaud such a demoralizing show. Makeover shows such as the one you discussed are an attempt to make women feel as horrible about themselves as possible- and nothing more. The hosts make these women feel obligated to look a certian way everyday- despite having kids, a career, a family and a home to manage. For the most part, the host's reccomendations are totally unreasonable and make each "patient" lack their own identity and personal style. Many of the women featured end up looking exactly the same as all of the other after their makeovers and they don't resemble their former selves in any way. It's not good to dress in a way that is only fashionable or trendy and NOT in a way that is a form of self expression or that carries hints of your personal fashion likes. Also, I'm always curious about how they expect women who don't have the financial means to shop regularly and update their wardrobe constantly to simply throw out everthing they own for clothes that are supposedly more stylish and modern.


I agree with Tina; I'm not sure why this show is applauded on a site about modesty. It's great if that's the result for some women, but it's not consistent with what little I've seen.

It's nice to receive information about colors and styles of clothing, but I don't really see how the results of their makeovers are modest. A brief survey of the before and after photos on the site leaves many of the ladies in short skirts and tight pants.

It pains me to watch it, as I find the hosts' manners to be condescending, even cruel. But I guess I'm behind the times! :)

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