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September 12, 2007



Wow. Thanks! I want to read this novel.



Very beautiful. Thank you.


Yeah, wow! Totally wanna read this one next! Sounds like it might be a good bookclub choice too, lots to talk about!!


And after running into and getting devastated by a couple Netties, you understand Islam's male-supremacist angle perfectly. "Never Again!" becomes "I Won't Let Her Hurt Me Again! Because I'll Stamp on Her Face before She Can Stamp On Mine!"


Wow, Ken, is it fair to categorize all of Islam as 'male supremecist?'


And then again, individuals have choice and are responsible for those choices. I have often seen men "choose" not to look are react to a woman's sexuality or beauty and that power. I know it is a struggle for them, but they do it. We are not powerless victim's to others' power. Or at least, we don't have to be.

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