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August 23, 2007


Lauren Churchill

Hi Wendy, I just got finished listening to your interview on 'Talk of the Nation' and I was so inspired I had to write to them and to you. I have to tell you that you have hit a cord of truth for me. As someone who went through the 'liberating' 60's and 70's, I have to say that I was not at all comfortable with it, and often felt inadequate even as I went through the motions of doing the 'cool thing'. The conclusion I came to long ago was that 'free sex' was never about a choice for women at all. It was a paradox. As my children got older, I let them know that I didn't think it was appropriate for them to use sex gratuitously, even as I cautioned them about sexually transmitted diseases. That was true for my sons as well as my daughter. As a result I was taken by surprise when the parents of my youngest son's girlfriend decided that it was an appropriate gift for them to get them a hotel room for his 18th birthday. She was still 16! Now that I've heard what you have said about some parents worrying about their daughter's virginity, it makes sense. I thought I was in some kind of parallel universe. Thanks for your unique voice. Much success!

Thomas Schultz

I truly appreciated the discussion of "Modesty" today on Talk of the Nation. As a father of a 14-year girl this seems so important and worthy of open discussion. However, I must say I was disappointed with the mean-spirited reply and comments by Amy Dickinson, the columnist for the Chicago Tribune. Amy Dickinson's tough approach may provide interesting newspaper reading as she replies to reader's questions, but her obvious distaste for certain caller's opinions does not make her a good choice for radio. (Wendy Shalit, the author of the Girls Gone Mild was most kind and accommodating to call-in listeners.)


I just listened to the show on the NPR website, you really were great Wendy I always like listening to your media appearances when they're available on the net. You have a real equanimity that I admire very much. Thomas above is right, Amy unfortunately wasn't very courteous to the callers... she arced up like a snake when the gardasil thing came up where she could have politely put her case and maybe given someone an opportunity to see another point of view, that's the pity of it. Not that you two were having a contest or anything :o)

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