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August 30, 2007



It's really wonderful that there are still some places in the world where modesty is valued. I can't imagine a situation like that! Lovely.

Anna S

Let me guess... those boys were religious?


wow! Nice to know there are still truly honorable men in the world, I thought they had become extinct!


They sound really sweet :o)


Awww, thanks for posting that! G-d bless those boys' parents for raising such mentches.


What a wonderful post!

Oh my..........how I would that this were something prevalent. I wish that every teenage boy could have been a fly on that almond tree (or, more appetizingly...an almond, rather than a fly...ha, ha, ha..), to hear that small, meaningful, respectful conversation. I wish there were more examples to teach and lead the boys.

On the Western front...if guys were to turn their heads and interests away from girls who touted skimpy clothing, the girls might just pick up on this cue pretty quickly and change the "distasteful element." No one wants to play a losing game.

Each sex has SO much power of this kind, if they will only use it. They can upgrade what passes for respectability and real attractiveness, by their responses to what they encounter. If young men chose to respond positively to the *modest* girls, then, girls-as-a-gender (who are quite perceptive) might see the fruitfulness of chucking their unsavory ways in a hurry.

Ellen P.


I recently had something like this happen to me, and I was so happy! My school was projecting a movie in the back yard of my women's only dorm (boys usually aren't allowed in the back yard, but they were for this event).

Some boys were setting it up, but before it got dark, they came in and asked if someone could please make sure the girls with windows facing the yard were warned to close their curtains, so no one could look in while everyone was in the yard watching.


that is CRAZY cool i dont really understand why girls wear skimpy clothing to begin with i mean i dont feel beautful at all if my tummy is hanging out for all to see, actually i am not really fat but if i wear any thing that is too small i feel that i am.

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