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June 27, 2007



The desperate need to have higher standards and the picky need to either be more flexible or get used to being single. In either case, seeing marriage as a mutual responsibility, not a dream come true, should help anyone choose better.


O frabjous day!


Anna S

Congratulations on your marriage! I got engaged recently and we made a similar decision about physical contact prior to marriage. We both feel so happy and secure about it. We know we're going to be so blessed on our special day, when time comes.

Erin P

Happy engagement, Anna S! I found engagement to be so deepening and challenging and a wonderful time to imagine & talk about building our future together.

I appreciate what Lori said too about mutual responsibility...our Pre-Cana booklet was called "Partners in Life and Love" - my husband and I are learning to share our selves and responsibilities and it's hard work and not something readily portrayed on t.v. But it really is the stuff that bonds you.

Liz Neville

Felicitations and congratulations to you Erin, and your lucky fellow. I am so happy for you. I was just saying to my darling husband (of nearly 19 years) today that my greatest wish for our kids, above achievements and careers and everything else, is that they each find a wonderful, loving, and supportive spouse. Good luck to you both.


awwww, sweet! Congrats.

Alexandra Foley

Erin, I am so happy about your felicitous union -- and a lovely wedding. May all of the graces of marriage be bestowed on both of you. You are in my prayers.
Best, Alexandra
PS Marriage rocks!


Blessings to you in your life together as you grow. It sounds like you're off to a good start.

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