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June 29, 2007



Congratulations times three (chastity, graduation, scholarship.) You will probably face the same pressure because you are away from home. Your classmates will spend more time than ever drinking, partying, and hooking up without threat of having Daddy take their Ipod, so stay strong and carry something for self-defense.

Anna S


Congratulations for standing firm for what you believe in. The decision to guard your purity is the BEST you could make for yourself, believe me! I was also raised by a single parent... and unfortunately, was just another statistic, unlike you. But then I beat the odds by breaking the vicious cycle and reclaiming my chastity! Praise God!


Good for you! I remember high school (just 5 years ago for me), and it's not easy doing what you've done. But let me tell you: it's so worth it. When I was married 8 months ago, and both my husband and I were virgins. It's a wonderful thing to be able to give yourself to the person you love most.

Congratulations, and don't give up!

Dusty Brahlek

How wonderful! I am so proud of you! Keep it up. I found College was harder than HS for this stuff, but I am SURE you will succeed!

Katie Gillet

College may be harder, but if you can find likeminded friends, you'll be okay. Trust me, you can do it. And spend less money, probably, on doing such things as, say, skating, going to a coffee house, etc, than going to bars and whatnot all the time.


I'm very excited for and proud of you, Taylor! Keep standing your ground. Congratulations!


To know your own mind and to be so self-possessed at such a young age is a blessing. Good on you, and I'm sure you will have heaps of friends at your new school- universities are much bigger places and while there's still a lot of 'group-think' going on there is more of a critical mass of people who will have similar values to yourself if you know where to look and you let people know who you are and what you;re all about.


Congratulations for making it out of high school and achieving your goal so far in your life, good luck


Taylor, you rock!! Also, Urbana-Champagne is one of the best schools in the nation. Congrats!

Liz Neville

Taylor, I just finished reading a more in-depth story of your life in Wendy's book and I want to wish you all the best. Luck you don't need, though, because you have shown that you can make your own destiny regardless of circumstances. You have my vote for President in 2028.

Please keep us posted here on ModestyZone on what you're up to.


Congratulations - but I think everyone should know that this is NOT that rare, I'm a junior at Princeton, and most of my female friends and some of my male ones are virgins. I'm also currently in a long-term relationship - and trust me - the best ones understand a girl's need to be modest.


Kudos to you for setting an example at such a young age.


Way to go!! As a 26 year old woman, who sees so many of the younger generation showing so much skin and talking about sex as a no-big-deal run-of-the-mill routine activity, it is refreshing to hear that someone like yourself is being such a wonderful role model. God has a very special plan for you, and I will keep you in my prayers. I can't wait until the day you find the man that God created for you. Thank you for saying yes to modesty, self-respect, and for showing other teenagers that they too can live the good like!!


Great comments on this blog. I am a 25-year old who is sick of the "do whatever feels right" environment we live in today. Thanks for taking a stand...just think of how many poeple have been positively influenced by your message!

Keep up the good work and good luck in college!

Ruth Grace

Taylor you are awsome! my biggest fan. I'm so glad there is someone like me actually out there that succeeded to tell the tale. I'm homeschooled and in 10th grade. It must have been horrible in public school with all those people putting pressure on you.


I'm so excited for you!! Don't let anyone talk you out of your values or your self-respect. Contrary to what many will tell you, there are men out there who believe the same way...I just married my 37 year old husband, and he waited for me!


I applaud you with a standing ovation! I am in a similar situation; I have just recently turned 18; I, too, come from a single-parent household; and I am proud of the fact that I am still a virgin. I think it is so great for the accomplishments you have made, and though I now live about a half-hour away from D.C, I am a fellow Illinoian and am actually from Urbana, so I wish I would be around for your visit to the U of I.


You need to get a copy of the tape by Pam Stenzel. She is an abstience speaker also, but she has a very powerful message about STD's that are killing people, yet no one is talking about them. The artilce in the Chicago Tribune did not mention HPV, the most common STD that is the primary cause of cervical cancer--and condomns do not help. It is skin to skin contact. Doctors are finding HPV in girls' mouths and throats. They do oral sex, thinking that way they won't get pregnant, but they are still spreading HPV. Abstinence is not working because we are not telling the whole story about STDs. AIDS is not the only disease killing people, there are 30 STDs, but we don't talk about them. Go to pamstenzel.com and get one of her videos (they are only $20). It is a more accurate and factual presentation.


You are truly an inspiration to this generation. You honestly have more true friends than most young adults. Continue to inspire those around you!! You have a rare gift that few young adults possess. God has blessed you!


Hi Taylor. I met you on this very day in Jackson Mississippi at the teen summit program. I learned alot from your speech and discovered we are very much alike and have alot in common. When you were talking about your life and how you made it through out all of the test it said something to me... I'm going into my senior year next year at Pelahatchie High located in the Rankin County area in Mississippi. I'm 17 and everyday there is a different struggle or phase. I'm putting my trust in god though because I know he will never leave nor forsake me. I really enjoyed your message and would like to keep in touch...


I am so very proud of you and what you inspire for all girls who want to grow up healthy and happy!

angie wilson

Hello! Taylor:

How awesome it is to read of a young girl like you. I am a youth leader in Seneca, illinois and I am getting ready to start for the second time Purity classes based on the Pure Freedom book and The Bride Wore White. I was wondering if you would be open to coming to our church to talk. We are about 1hour and a half west of Chicago. If you would be interested and able to, what would the cost be? I would love to set up an event, I know another church that is starting the same program as I am and we could probably make this a nice size event. Please let me know as soon as possible. I did look on your wed site for this information but I couldn't find it.
God Bless and thanks
Angie Wilson


Taylor, people like you are an inspiration. Thank you.


Taylor, I have got to say that you are an amazing young woman!!! I saw you this morning on the mike and Juliet (or what ever) Show. I am not a big fan of the show, because I feel that the majority of the things they cover, promote a sinful Lifestyle. I almost shut the TV off this morning when I heard what they were saying, and then I heard you speak your mind! YOU GO GIRL!!
I am a 25 yr old mother of 2, my oldest is 8. Yes, that means that I was 17 when I had him. I love him very much, and I wouldnt change having him, but I do wish that I had heard someone like you speak to me when I was young! At 15 I started sleeping with guys, b/c I thought that is what I had to do to be in the cool crowd. At 17 I dropped out of school to work at Taco Bell to support my son. No one talked with me about keeping my virginity, or protection, and I had no one to turn to, so I figured it out on my own.
I am in a good life now, with Jesus as a BIG part of our family (I will be married in 2 weeks, and I have 2 more soon to be step children)I just wondered if religeon held any part of your decission to wait till marriage? Just curious. what ever the reason, YOU ROCK!!!!! So much strength it must take to speak in front of so many people who are trained to think that what ever it takes to fit in must be ok. You are going to change so many girls lives by doing what you do! Keep up the Wonderful Work! I am so proud of you!!!!!
CONGRATS ON EVERYTHING! Most girls your age dont end up graduating, with out children, or some sort of STD, and the rest of their life changed becasue of it!
You are an inspiration! Your momma did a good job!!!

Andrea Diggs


I saw you speak this morning on the M&J show; and THANK GOD you were there. The people of the world we live in are so confused and we need sound substance to be spoken by young ladies such as yourself. I am a middle school teacher at an all-girls school in Louisville, KY and would want to coordinate you coming to speak in our school or city. Where can I go to find booking information? Thank you and may God continue to strengthen and bless your mission.

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