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June 17, 2007


Liz Neville

Cassie--- brava!! on not just your intellectual accomplishments but the grace and gratitude with which you display them. I'm proud to know you, even if it's just through our thread here at ModestyZone. And congratulations to your parents also, for doing their job so well. If they gave lessons, we could send Paris Hilton's parents to them for remedial help!

Erin P

Many blessings and congrats on your graduation, Cassandra, to you and your loved ones you've supported you. Great to hear an emphasis on gratitude, a beautiful sentiment. Keep us posted on your next steps!

Sandra DeBenedetto

Cassy, Your family is very proud of your accomplishments but most especially for the way you have chosen to live your life. Grandpa and I felt the same way about the speaker at your Class Day Celebration however, the others more than made up for it.

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