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May 21, 2007



Well, for starters, if the current communities are mostly over 35, most young people would feel reeeeally uncomfortable.


A question: Is it because of a distaste for public nudity, or is it because one can basically be naked anywhere anyway?

I guess I wonder is it the nudity or the institution, and if it is the institution, is it just because it is unnecessary with the culture we have today.


What it comes down to is that that young people aren't interested in joining a club where there's not much to do but swim in a communal pool, play lawn games, and watch TV. Yawn!

There are plenty of other events (Burning Man, music festivals, skyclad pagan ceremonies, etc) where people can walk around naked if they so desire, and there are much more interesting things going on than lawn bowling.


Uh, from a non-Christian standpoint, because it would be really weird to have guys over 35 gawking at me and the other under 35 females. That'd be like my Dad! And my pepere!

It could also be because kids my age aren't much into what they'd call a hippie lifestyle. :-P Oh - and I'm 22.


I think nudism was a fad among people who grew up in a restricted mileau. Not much of that going on now.


I guess that global warming isn't encouraging people to strip naked! Plus, when you consider the desire to protect onesself from harmful solar radiation, applying sunscreen can perhaps prove to be troublesome for nudists...;)

My mother-in-law grew up in Saint-Tropez, and she used to have her grandchildren each spend a summer with her when they were about 11. After a walk on a beach where nudity is common (and not only among the attractive), my niece said, "Grandma, naked women look bad, but men look much worse!" With the current obesity problem and the general aging of our population, it's probably even more true today. Who really wants to look at (or have others look at your) drooping or blubberous parts?


As an actual AANR member (and one way over 35, at that), I have to agree with L.B.: "What it comes down to is that that young people aren't interested in joining a club where there's not much to do but swim in a communal pool, play lawn games, and watch TV. Yawn!"

Yeah, I suppose the friendships are nice, but if your major criterion for a friend involves putting up with you in your birthday suit, you perhaps should rethink the whole idea.

Dario Western

I think that there could be several reasons why young adults in English speaking countries are losing interest in nudism:

1) Most nudist clubs are far too conservative minded with some of them having a book of rules as think as "Pride And Prejudice". Isn't nudism supposed to be about freedom and fun?

2) Young people are visual beings, and concerned about aesthetics. Why do they want to join a club or read a magazine which mostly features fat, old people in it? They want someone that they can relate to.

3) Some nudist clubs haven't been upgraded since the 1950's with ramshackle facilities, crumbly old signs. The era of the rustic nudist place is very passe - young adults want a venue that is swish, upmarket, easy to get to, and friendly hosts.

4) The last thing, and the most crucial is that sex and sexuality sells to young people. Nudists need to re-think their values about sex when it comes to attracting the young. This doesn't mean that they should tolerate sex orgies in the open, but not be so paranoid if young people do meet their matches at their place.


Maybe young people have more meaningful things going on in their life besides, "Wow, look at that, I have boobies and pee-pee. I see you have boobies and pee-pee as well."

I mean, I think most people haven't experienced earth-shattering FASCINATION with the unclad human anatomy since we ripped off our diapers and ran around giggling-- being futily chased by our parents-- as toddlers.

The generation most attracted to nudist camps have probably been exposed to enough LSD to send them back to a perpetual juvenile state anyway. I guess we'll have to wait for them to reach their uber-golden years...at which point they'll be back in the diaper.



Only those who have had the pleasure of experiencing nudism can totally understand the "fascination" that so many mature, even modest adults have with it. Alternatively, by reading first hand accounts of individuals involved with nudism, one can come to the understanding that your description does not adequately describe what nudism is all about.

Hoster by Default

I live in a gorgeous area where by default I have no choice but to 'host' nudist parties. I am not offended that these old hippies feel it's terrific to run around buck naked - that's their belief for whatever reason... But why on earth would young people want to join a club where they are forced to stare at grossly disgusting naked bodies - C'mon - there is nothing beautiful about a naked morbidly obese old person or even a fairly fit wrinkly old person. And don't even get me started on ticks and parasites!


A lot of of people write about this matter but you said some true words.


As a nudist myself, I have to give my 2 cents worth. To me the nudist lifestyle is the most modest lifestyle there is. Yes, I feel clothes are even more immodest than nudity. Clothes create mystery, whereas full nudity leaves no room to the imagination. The body becomes equal, without any piece of fabric trying to entice peoples' eyes to certain areas. I remember once when I took my friend to a huge nudist gathering, he was surprised at how much better behaved people there were than at all the clothed parties he had been to. As for the reason that they are having trouble keeping numbers, I think a lot of it has to do with society heavily sexualizing the body. This is high immodest of society to do, but they brain-wash people by telling them that a nude body is automatically sexual. This is unfortunate as this is plain not true, and that some of the healthiest most well-adjusted people I've met have been other nudists. The nudist lifestyle teaches that everyone is of self-worth, that everyone is important, and that we don't have to look like people in fashion magazines. With the emphasis on non-sexual nudity and body respect, I really do believe that nudism is one of the most modest lifestyles out there. Sadly, society can't see that, so it's somewhat dying out. But I don't think it will die out completely. It will make a comeback.

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