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May 17, 2007



Well, he was reprimanded- the sponsor of his tour with Gwen Stefani pulled their sponsorship, and I believe the tour is cancelled unless someone else steps up to sponsor.


It's pretty clear to me Akon sexually humiliated her on purpose. (And blaming her because of the way she dressed or because she didn't resist violently enough? Eww! Those people probably blame rape victims too.)


I agree with R.B. and I'm going to go out on a limb here--but to me, even if she had been 18 or over, I think his behavior was still wrong.


The linked article states, "It was never my intention to embarrass or take advantage of my fans in any way, especially those under the age of 18. That is why we tried to make sure that the club did not admit anyone under 18 in the audience," [Akon] said. "Somehow, that standard was not met." So the club bears some responsibility.

Likewise, parents are responsible for their minor children. Not necessarily blameworthy, but responsible.

As for fans being offended by a 34-year-old man freaking with a 14-year-old girl, don't they listen to the words of rap music?


"I'm going to go out on a limb here--but to me, even if she had been 18 or over, I think his behavior was still wrong."

Jeez Wendy, you're turning into a radical feminist! Next you'll be asserting that sexual assault is always wrong, even if the victim was drinking or wearing a low-cut blouse.

On a serious note, I really hate the way that issues of sexual assault get framed as issues about what women and girls wear. I would love a world where teenage girls felt more comfortable in modest clothing, but when people try to control the way girls and women dress, it frightens me. As a teenage girl, I often felt afraid that adults* would take away my sovereignty over my own life because they were terrified that I'd make an imperfect decision. As an adult woman, I still think my teenage self was onto something. In the end, taking away a person's sovereignty doesn't prevent them from being hurt or taken advantage of.

*Mostly teachers, guidance counselors, and other 'in loco parentis' types. My parents (God bless them) let me dress however I wanted, but if they didn't want to buy an article of clothing for me, I had to buy it myself. And they let me read whatever I wanted, for which I am endlessly grateful.


I'm not sure about how true this is, but one of my teachers is married to a woman from Trinidad (where this incident happened), and he tells me that girls there dress a lot less modestly than girls here. So to her, and the people around her, this dress might not have been as provocative as we see it.


I think that Akon, the girl and her parents all share the blame. Akon probably has the least blame - while I don't think that grinding on stage is appropriate, on the other hand people bought tickets to this event and knew what they were getting into. The question is, how did this minor get tickets? Where were her parents? And some of the blame lies on the girl. If she had loudly said, "No, I won't do this," and made obvious attempts to get off the stage, I doubt the rapper would have kept dancing with her by force!

I can't compare this situation to assault in any way, since it appears that the girl in question was happy enough to be in the limelight. The problem is that her parents should have kept her out of this scene!


but if she didnt want it then why would she grind with him. why couldnt see just say no and walk away. she wanted it she liked it that he was dancing with her and she wanted him fault.. so girls like that kinda of attention and then they get thmselves inn to deep.


I just saw this video and I am amazed that anyone could think that she was to blame for this. To me, the issue is not her age but the act that was forced on her. Many have commented on her attire of the evening. Does a woman's dress excuse a man from being responsible for HIS behavior? I'm pretty sure is doesn't.

Also, what woman, young or old, would want to thrown on her back and humped by a stranger, famous or not, in front of thousands of people?

This was way beyond dancing.


yall dont know akon man he my bro adn we diggin him actually akon diddnt mean to hurt da 14 yrs olg grl she wanted to get hurt her self so she volentered to have akon do wat eva thay wer doin on stage so yall tripin if u think he ment to hurt her but he not

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