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March 13, 2007


Alexandra Foley

Cassy! Your conference sounds like a smash success. Congratulations.

I have to pass on a compliment to you from a lofty source. I had dinner recently with Leon Kass and he mentioned that he'd recently been to Princeton and met with the Anscombe Society. He said he was very impressed with the group and he even mentioned YOU by name. I told him that I "knew" you from modestyzone. He said groups like yours give him signs of hope for the future. You are making an excellent contribution to our culture, so keep up the good work!


Hey good on you! Sounds like a resounding success and a personal triumph!

I like the emphasis you put on working with people who do not share your values and encourage mutual understanding and respect- anyone who's ever managed to change MY mind on something or made me see things in a new light has *been a friend first* or has approached me with what I can sense is a genuine desire to share something with me that is helpful, and a willingness to listen to my views also.


Cassy, it was so interesting to me to read about your quiet nature, because I often have people come up to me who say they'll agree with me but they're "afraid to speak out."

If more of these people could learn to speak out like you have, I believe our
society would be so different.

You are such a great role model for them.

Remember, people: it's not the end of the world if others disagree with you or even make fun of you. You only have one life, and when you stick out your neck for something you believe in--trust me--others will invariably come 'out of the closet' and stand with you, and then you can really make a difference.

Never underestimate your own unique gifts, and your ability to change things.

Liz Neville

Cassy, I am thrilled for your success with Anscombe, and proud to bask in your shared glory here at ModestyZone. Congratulations on this and all your accomplishments. Hoo-ah!


Cassy, if I'm correct in making this assumption, I was that high school senior. And 2 years later, I'm still inspired by you!

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